What is Global InterGold?
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Global InterGold: an exclusive opportunity to earn with gold

What is Global InterGold?
Global InterGold is an international online shop that sells and buys investment gold bars. The company's bonus program includes elements of network marketing and enables clients to buy and sell gold on favorable terms, and earn with it.
Advantages of the product
Gold is a highly liquid product, which means that it can be easily exchanged for money. It does not deteriorate and its value increases over time.
The gold bars available in the Online Gold Shop are LBMA-certified and produced by the world's top manufacturers.
The company also offers a buy-back guarantee: you can sell the gold back at any time and get the money.
How to develop a business and earn with gold?
This business is based on recommendations. The clients of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop place orders for gold bars by making a prepayment of at least 150 EUR, recommend the company’s product and services, and get rewards for it.
More than two million clients prove the benefits
“The main thing in life is to grasp the right opportunity. Global InterGold is the opportunity to earn easily with no restrictions or limits”
Anastasia Mikhnevich, Russia
“Gold is an international commodity, it is an international currency. Global InterGold is the chance of a lifetime, don't miss it out!“
Linie Crawford, Australia
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There are so many of them that we have created a website to publish them!
We want our clients to enjoy the business!
Our customers form a big family and a powerful community of successful businessmen who run a profitable gold business, earn money, and build strong relationships all over the world.
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