Each person decides for himself what life he would lead.

Thoughts and actions influence the ability to manage one's own fate. Man always faces a choice between either letting others determine his happiness, deciding on how successful his live would be, or take matters into his own hands.

Aristippus of Cyrene:
“The true owner of the ship is not the one who sails on it, but the one who can keep it on track and lead in the right direction.”

The life of Greek philosopher and thinker Aristippus dates back 2,500 years to Ancient Greece. To this day, his writings help our contemporaries to solve not only business problems but life-problems as well.

The philosophy of Aristippus is truly fascinating knowledge-wise. Aristippus was a disciple of Socrates, but he had the courage not to give up his own views and ideals. The thinker considered philosophy to be a practical science of happiness and virtue.  His contemporaries honored Aristippus and thought of him as a very cheerful man with a holistic approach to life, who masters the art of communication and collective learning. In his teachings, Aristippus summarized the profound experience of his mentors, friends and fellow countrymen.

Aristippus believed that a person can be truly successful if he/she complies with certain rules and life principles. Guidance of Aristippus is the greatest wisdom put into a single book. 

This is the Aristippus' Code.

From Latin “cōdex” means a handwritten board or tablet of wood, whilst (codex - “stem of a tree”, “tree stump”.) Code - an ancient manuscript in the form of a book.

The Aristippus’ Code consists of 24 guidelines. These guidelines are tools for every person on how to achieve financial security and safety. The wisdom of the philosopher helps everyone to focus on self-improvement, live an honest life and fulfill promises made.

The Aristippus' Code is a set of guidelines, adherence to which compels success, lack of adherence, on the contrary, leads to failure.

Adherence to the principles empowers and strengthens confidence in the future, lowers uncertainty and facilitates smart and effective decision-making process.

Aristippus' Code is a heritage of humankind.