Why is the Global Convention a must-attend for you?
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Global InterGold Global Convention 2017

Why is the Global Convention 2017
a must-attend for you?
10 reasons to adore
the capital of Bavaria: Munich
Munich is 859 years old. This city is a well-known German Mecca which can turn anybody's head. Every person has his or her own reasons to fall in love with this lavish city. Here you are OUR TOP-10!
Munich, Germany
This delightful place in the very center of Munich has a famous fish fountain whose name come from the ancient fish market. It works all year round and is a favorite meeting point for both tourists and locals.

Bavaria is full of superstitious beliefs. So, if you want to get rich, prepare an empty purse and drop it into the fountain bowl on the last day of the carnival in Munich. Be sure, wealth will come up in the blink of an eye! And if you dream of meeting your significant other, throw a coin to the water while looking the stone fish straight in the eyes.
The Englischer Garten
Munich, Germany
This ‘green heart’ of Munich keeps beating steadily for 225 years.

Founded by Friedrich Ludwig Sckell, the park is notable for its sophisticated English style, windy paths of 78 kilometers in total and 100 bridges. You can find a Chinese Tower, a Japanese tea house, a Greek-style monopteral and many other curious things there.

To keep this park clean and tidy, Bavarians spend 2.7 million euros a year.
Asam Church (St. Johann Nepomuk)
Munich, Germany
St. Johann Nepomuk is a breathtaking Baroque masterpiece built in the 18th century by the brothers Asam. It looks like a real golden palace!

Egid Quirin Asam and Cosmas Damian Asam whose portraits can be found in the depth of the altar decided to build this church to save their souls from sins.
BMW Museum
Munich, Germany
This museum is a gem of state-of-the-art architecture. Bavarians lovingly call its round building with a flat roof "a saucepan for Munich sausages".

25 halls, 5000 square meters, and 120 cars in permanent exposition. You will get surrounded by modern and retro automobiles, motorcycles and other vehicles which are all indeed impressive.

The most notable car is the BMW Z3 which gained massive popularity after one of the latest James Bond movies.
Hallabrunn Zoo
Munich, Germany
One can explore jungles and the polar world in Munich. How come?

Visit the Hallabrunn Zoo to find the answer! If you're lucky, you might also get to the Pigeon Show or Flapper Parade.

This Bavarian zoo is famous for its territory of 39 hectares where more than 19 thousand animals reside. And every day, Hallabrunn welcomes at least one newborn!
Blutenburg Castle
Munich, Germany
This castle built as a ducal country seat for Duke Albert III has been flaunting on a tiny island between the river and two ponds for centuries.

Its story is shrouded with legends and tales of undying love, betrayal and passion.

Visit Blutenberg to enjoy its stunning views, ponds, and lawns.
Munich, Germany
In September 2017, the famous brewery of the Bavarian Duke William the Pious will turn 428.

The four huge halls of the Hofbräuhaus restaurant can accommodate about 3,000 people at a time!

Interestingly, it offers the service of storing personal beer mugs in a safe with 424 cells. This is an honorable privilege for regular customers only.

Some even pass these mugs from generation to generation!
Alte Pinakothek (The Old Pinakothek)
Munich, Germany
The Greek word "Pinakothek" means ‘the depository of paintings’.

This gallery founded by the Duke of Wilhelm IV of Bavaria has more than 9,000 paintings exhibited;

the priceless "Madonna of the carnation" by Leonardo da Vinci is among them.

The museum is also famous for the huge collection of more than 60 paintings by Peter Paul Rubens.
International Precious
Metals & Commodities Show
Munich, Germany
In October Munich is the capital of beer, and in November it turns into a city of gold and precious metals.

Investors, experts and tourists invade it to participate in the world-famous event: International Precious Metals & Commodities Show. This year is no exception!
Global InterGold’s conference
Munich, Germany
Munich is justly considered the economic capital of Europe.

That is where gold businessmen from five continents gather every November to attend the main golden event: the Global Convention by Global InterGold.

This conference is meant for those who want to learn everything about high and stable earnings with gold.

On November 3 and 4, businessmen will get acquainted with Global InterGold, take part in the company’s exclusive gold exhibition and learn about the advantages of business with investment gold.
to attend this fascinating business conference, it might change your life!
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