Leaders Gala Dinner 2017 | Global InterGold
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Global InteGold Leaders Gala Dinner 2017

Celebrating the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2017
Don't rush to say goodbye to your colleagues right after the official part of the Global Convention 2017 is over!
We want to provide you with a memorable evening.
Enjoy a warm atmosphere, delicious food,
and exquisite entertainment!
The Leaders Gala Dinner is a special occasion for special guests. There, we will celebrate our victories together and raise our glasses to our golden future!

The dinner will also count with exclusive speeches by GIG's management. Get first-hand information about the company’s development!

A special seminar will be held during for the occasion too. The best is reserved for the guests of the Leaders Gala Dinner only!

Date and time: November 4th, 20:00
Venue: ZEN Restaurant, WestinGrand Munich Hotel
Price: 100 EUR
All tickets are sold out
The guests of the Leaders Gala Dinner will also receive a VIP status,
which is applicable for the whole Global Convention 2017.
Global InterGold
Global InterGold Global InterGold Global InterGold
Fast registration
First-class service
VIP seating in the conference hall
Event program
20:00 — Guests' welcome. Photo shooting.
20:20 — Opening of the LEADERS GALA DINNER: snacks
20:30 — Exclusive speeches by the management
21:10 — Entertainment Show
21:10 — Main course
21:40 — Entertainment Show
22:00 — Surprise time!
22:15 — Entertainment Show
22:40 — Farewell
00:00 — End of the LEADERS GALA DINNER
Share a delightful evening together with Grand and Global Leaders.
And let our camera crew capture the moment for posterity!
Share dinner with success!