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Gold Fixing


The Global Tour 2016 event in Barcelona, Spain, will take place on 20 August, 2016 on the eve of the Grand Summer Voyage 2016. The venue of the conference will be the Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel near the port. To mark the occasion, the event will feature a fabulous Global VIP Party!

This summer event will be a unique opportunity to visit this cosmopolitan Spanish city and to meet the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 participants.

You are welcome to attend the most exciting conference of this summer! Enjoy the wonders of gold and Barcelona and meet the winners of the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition!

An exclusive program awaits you:

News from the company's management
Global and Grand Leaders' addresses (“How to win competitions?”)
Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition Winners Award Ceremony
Global InterGold Leaders Award Ceremony
Global 100 Award Ceremony
Presentation of the first Global Pads
Global VIP Party

Find the answer to the most intriguing question:
How will the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 participants compete for 1kg of gold?

This event will culminate the European round of the Global Tour 2016 and will end with the start of a marvelous journey for the winners of the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition

Barcelona will welcome you with warm sunshine and the Mediterranean breeze. What else do you need for a perfect mood?

Join us to celebrate our common victories and meet in person the winners of the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition who have made a rapid breakthrough in gold business.

The Global Tour 2016 Conference in Barcelona will be held on 20 August at the 5-star Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel on the Mediterranean coast.

Why to attend this event?

Be part of an event that will go down in Global InterGold's history.
Take photos and record videos with the company's management and Global InterGold leaders.
Appear in photos and videos taken by the Global InterGold's official camera crew. These photos and videos will be published on the official pages (Facebook, YouTube, news website, etc.).
Receive GIG-branded promotional materials to promote the business professionally.
Get to know Global InterGold firsthand information about the news and plans by the management.
Listen to the advice on business promotion in 2016-2017 from eminent leaders.
Meet clients and leaders from around the world to share experience and discuss future plans.
Receive a charge of motivation.
Meet the fortunate participants of the Grand Summer Voyage 2016
Participate at the Global VIP Party to celebrate victories and achievements together with gold businessmen from all over the globe.
We will be glad to see you at the:


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