Can a robot take over your job?

Have you noticed how quickly inventions that just recently seemed surreal enter our life? Smartphones, Wi-Fi, robot vacuums, drones, 3D TVs, self-service cash registers in stores. A massive amount of high-tech innovations no longer surprise us. Now imagine that one day your workplace will be taken over by a robot.

The fantasists of the last century warned us about that, and now it’s a reality.


Robots take over production...

In 2016, the Chinese company Foxconn, a leading manufacturer of electronics, fired 60000 factory workers, replacing them with 40000 robots. In the future, the company plans to produce its own robots that should completely oust the human labor.

Another Chinese example: not long ago, Changying Precision Technology, the factory that produces spare parts for mobile phones, had 650 employees. After the assembly line was automated, only 60 employees remained.


...and other industries

In 2018, employees of the hospitality company Marriott International protested against the policies of their employer. One of the reasons for their outrage was a process automation that the hotel had implemented. Special devices allow guests to check in at the Marriott hotels without intermediaries, skipping reception. The smart system Alexa that has been installed in rooms can now tell the visitors about local sights and take orders for fresh towels delivered directly to the room by the Wally robot. The workers of Marriott International fear that soon they will be replaced by machines.

In the photo: Wally robot delivers orders to customers at the Residence Inn by Marriott in Los Angeles.


Experts are certain: the development of technology will significantly change transportation and logistics. In 2004, economists Frank Levy and Richard Murnane wrote that a self-driving car would never be able to turn left on the main road autonomously. However, after just six years, Google engineers created a robot car capable of performing maneuvers even during the heavy traffic. It’s not hard to realize the consequences for millions of professional drivers.


Fired by a machine

In some weird cases, technologies can literally fire people. American citizen Ibrahim Diallo was fired by a computer program. Due to the fact that the company did not have time to extend the contract with Ibrahim, the “smart” system sent the employee a resignation letter, blocked his pass and disconnected the account, causing a real stir in the company given that one of the top employees was suddenly fired for unknown reasons.


Bleak prospects

According to the report of the World Economic Forum, new technologies will leave 7,1 million people out of work by 2020. Developing countries will suffer the most from a complete automation. Verisk Maplecroft researchers believe that in the next 20 years, 56% of production line workers may end up losing their jobs in such countries as the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.


How to use progress to your advantage?

The current pace of development allows us to assign more and more job responsibilities to technical devices, yet robots are not omnipotent: there are areas where people outdo machines.

A job that can never be taken over by machines is distinguished by three key aspects:

- Interaction between people, as the basis of all activities.

- Interpersonal usefulness.

- The interest of people in communicating and interacting with each other.


Global InterGold created an innovative business, at the core of which is a human being. We offer everyone a chance to take part in a rapidly developing global project.

One of our tasks is to create a new business culture based on interaction and mutual support. By taking action in a cohesive team, people achieve success and help others achieve it too. This is a high-tech business where innovations of the modern civilization serve only as tools for people. In our business – a human being is irreplaceable – the engine of the whole process.

Cooperation with Global InterGold allows you to improve the quality of life, avoid the risks associated with job loss and strengthen your Financial Security.




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Created: 02.05.2019
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