Five reasons to give a gold bar as a gift

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The New Year holiday season is a magical time. For some people, it is, above all, a fluffy white snow, an elegant Christmas tree, a cozy blanket and a fireplace. For others, Christmas and New Year are nothing but a celebration somewhere in the South, chilling under palm trees. Different people find various ways to have a good time.

In anticipation of outdoor festivities and carnivals, one thing unites us all – we prepare gifts thinking about someone’s preferences and how to make that special someone happy.

The last thing each of us wants to receive is something unnecessary, useless, or two identical gifts wrapped in beautiful packages! Did you ever receive clothes or shoes that weren’t exactly the right size for you? Do you remember how disappointed you felt at that moment?

We give you the best gift idea. There are at least five reasons why THIS GIFT suits the needs of the person you are thinking about right now.




Many people believe that cultural values were created with a purpose of storing them in museums or decorating the homes of wealthy people. Hasn’t it occurred to you that the genuine work of art can be both an original and exquisite gift that future generations can be proud of?

Plenty of world masterpieces made of gold are well-preserved since ancient times. Gold made what was most valuable to humanity.

The “Aristippus’ Gold” collection is the creation of designers and artists of Global InterGold, who have produced exclusive gold bars dedicated to the philosophy of Aristippus. 24 gold bars make up a collection of wise and up-to-date guidelines. The 25th gold bar is dedicated to Aristippus himself.

Such a gift can rightly be considered a work of art!



Do you want your gift to be meaningful, so that the person could get into the spirit and understand the real value of the gift? Then our offer is for you.

The ancient philosopher Aristippus of Cyrene believed that any person is a master of the destiny and can single-handedly point the course of life in the right direction. Each guideline of the ancient Greek thinker helps reflecting upon eternal values.

The gift will reveal the true attitude towards the person bringing surprise and delight. A collection of gold bars with ethical guidelines shows that even in times of the chaotic flow of information and a series of unexpected life events, there is a place in your heart for those whom you hold dear.



Did you ever give presents that eventually became irrelevant? Fashionable tech gadgets, clothes or appliances that got out of order? All of us have been through this in life…

THE "ARISTIPPUS’ GOLD" COLLECTION is a wisdom cast in gold. Concise guidelines of the ancient thinker help in navigating your way in life in order to avoid losses and facilitate the achievement of success. This is precisely the reason why we have immortalized the "Aristippus’ Code", casting it in gold.

  • The number of gold bars: 25
  • The weight per unit: 1 gram
  • Fineness: 999,9

Such a gift won’t ever depreciate or lose its appeal. It will exist even after hundreds of years. The value of the golden collection won’t change, making it one of the safest assets in the future.



2500 years have passed and to this day, the teachings of Aristippus, a disciple of Socrates, help in times of need. The truth lies in the philosopher's discourse, enabling a person to find the right path and help others along the way.

Aristippus emphasized the importance of the acquired knowledge that can make a person feel free in any society and achieve success.

You can attest to the fact that the philosophy of the ancient Greek thinker is useful, giving you a special insight.

Conveying the wisdom accumulated over the centuries to those who can preserve it remains the most important task.

This is one more reason for you to buy the "Aristippus’ Gold" gift.



The collection of treasured gold bars will endure the centuries, allowing people of all ages to experience and accept true spiritual and moral values.

Aristippus' guidelines comprise the Code of Wisdom which is important for people of different cultures, allowing them to have a glimpse of eternity.

Taking a well-considered approach to congratulating your loved ones gives you the chance to draw attention to your gift, share moments of joy and happiness with the dearest people, as well as sustain a festive mood for a long time.

Keep in mind that the magical day is just around the corner, and only you can make the closest people happy!




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Created: 10.12.2018
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