Global InterGold: five events that changed the quality of our clients’ lives

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One of the main goals of Global InterGold is to improve the quality of people’s lives. That’s why we are constantly improving and creating new tools to achieve Financial Security.

Let’s recall the five most significant events that have impacted the quality of our clients’ lives.


1. Global Convention

Global Convention is the main event of the year, a meeting place for experienced entrepreneurs and company’s management, as well as beginners who just take their first steps in business. For every one of them, this event becomes a stepping stone to new achievements.

The quality of interaction between people is the main principle of Global InterGold.

Global Convention is a large-scale event highlighting the most important innovations of the company. For instance, at our conferences, the concept of Financial Security was introduced for the first time ever, the “Aristippus’ Gold” collection was showcased, the formation of the World Council of Leaders was announced, followed by new plans and strategies of the company.


2. Cruises

What could be better than a fascinating trip on a luxurious cruise liner in a company of goal-oriented people?

A trip is an opportunity to realize that the world is bigger, better and more diverse than it seemed even a second ago. Sometimes, spending one day in other places can be of more use than living ten years in a familiar environment.

Every Global InterGold cruise was unique, having impacted the lives of its participants in various ways. The peculiarity of the last year's Presidential Cruise was the chance not only to relax enjoying the luxurious atmosphere, but also talk directly with the company’s President, as well as improve business skills at the seminars.

Participants of the cruise returned home completely different people. Somebody expanded the structure, somebody became a Leader, somebody met like-minded people and gained valuable experience. Traveling increases the quality of our clients’ lives!



3. Global Research

Excellence in business always starts with an understanding of clients.

Every year we conduct the Global Research — an extensive research that creates new unique opportunities for our joint business.

By taking part in the research, you contributed a great deal to the development of the company and influenced its future. The obtained data helped us to create new opportunities for successful cooperation.

We want to become an even faster, more innovative and technologically-advanced company for our partners and clients. We conduct research to develop effective business strategies leading to overall success.

Together we can achieve it much faster!


4. The office opening in Latin America

The representative office of Global InterGold in Mexico is a bridge between the continents and a huge step forward in expanding international cooperation. The opening ceremony was held in a festive atmosphere and lasted for three days. For Global InterGold clients, it is the basis for both personal and professional growth. The office is a new phase for our international company, a major event for clients and partners alike, all those who strive to achieve Financial Security.

For the citizens of Latin America, gold has become even more accessible!


5. The office opening in Barcelona

The representative office in Barcelona has been put on the map of our achievements. From now on, it serves as the residence of the World Council of Leaders.

We continue to expand globally, helping as many people as possible achieve Financial Security. The office in Spain is another victory on the way towards the goal.

Barcelona is the perfect place to do business with clients from all over the world. The success begins here, opening new prospects for all of us.

The desire to help people inspires us to redouble our efforts. We reach new heights and improve the quality of life together with you!

Gold — people around you

In this article we have reviewed five key events for the company, and we want to know your opinion! Tell us which Global InterGold event had the most impact on you. Share your emotions and impressions!

You opinion matters!


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Created: 14.02.2019
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Only in your dreams? Now you can get aboard the cruise liner!
Only in your dreams? Now you can get aboard the cruise liner!
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