"Great Heart" award nominates’ appeal to GIG clients

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We have collected quotes from the participants of the most big-hearted nomination of this year. Get inspired!

We have established the "Great Heart" nomination and award for the kindest and the most generous Global InterGold clients with great hearts and high goals.

Our nominees are people who customers from all over the world are voting for. People who always come to the rescue and support their friends and colleagues in a difficult moment.

We want to share with you the quotes of these people. These are appeals of nominees with words of gratitude and display of values and words that inspire and cheer!







“Thank you for your vote! We are working together to make this world a better world with an extraordinary company.”

Stefano Di Ponio






“It is a great honor to me be among at the best customers of this great Company! Thanks for your votes!”

Mark Martsinkovsky






“I do this activity with Passion and with all my Heart! Thank you for your vote!”                      

Nunzio Giancola







“Dear clients. Thank you for trusting me, for your best development and the joy of receiving your golden gains, through presentations of qualities and by good training. Accent and confirm your votes. Thank you!”

Willy Gino M Dubois






“Dear gold partners! Thank you for your votes from the whole planet! All together we will do this world good and welfare! With love to you!”

Zoya Geller






“The number of successful events on your path depends on your desire to act! You can't always wait for the right moment to come, you just need to create it yourself!”

.Alevtina Bekicheva






“It is a great honor for me to be among such outstanding leaders and get into the TOP 50!” 

Marina Valyka






“A fairer world full of opportunities, dignified life, prosperity, full of abundance and with financial security reached with such a great company like Global InterGold is a strong motivation and one deep wish of my life.“ 

Oscar Merced Ortega Sosa






“Dear friends, partners, and colleagues! Thank you for your votes to me and my team! All together we are a big Global InterGold family! Our mission is to make the world a better place and every person in it happier! Thank You for being with me and supporting me! With love and always yours, Larisa Makarova!”

Larisa Makarova






“A great heart's desires can switch on a flame and illuminate the path of many other wonderful people. I invite you to join the same collective thought of love and help to change more lives. Together we are better!”  

Monica Del Pilar Casadiego Chaustre






“Thank you for your support! It would be much appreciated if you could continue voting and supporting Team Gold Storage for the Great Heart Award.”

Eleanor Manzano Lawrence






“You make the decision and turn it into reality.“                                                                        

Ahmad Bukhari Nor Azizi






“I was stoked when I started seeing my name in the initial list. Making it to the next stage is actually mind blowing. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART - THANK YOU.

It is an honour to be in the second stage and I will try my best to make it. Although I do not need to be recognised for all the work I do naturally, I ALREADY DECLARE MYSELF A WINNER because of the people I have in my life.

People have baptised me with "HELP" as my second name. The feeling I get when I can offer and actually provide some form of help is just priceless! The world is definitely a better place if each person aims to help one other person even if it is just as small as giving them a smile OR giving them a hug OR picking up the phone to say "How are you doing?". One small gesture can mean the world to someone!


Linie Pates Crawford 






“Let’s vote again, people, this belongs to all of us as a team. Good Deeds.”                           

Nyingibo Kio-amieyeofori






“Good day to you all! My name is Jean and I am a 3rd Level Leader. I come from Kyrgyzstan, but live in Moscow for a long time. Vote for me and may luck accompany you. Thank you...”  

Zhanbolot Aydraliev






“Helped yourself - help someone else! Who if not me? Hurry up to do good!”                   

Jan Voronecki    






“I am very grateful to each of you who voted for me in the "Great Heart" nomination. GIANT THANKS FOR YOUR TRUST!”

Anzhelika Tkacheva






“Please accept my continued appreciation. I couldn't have done anything without your help. Thank you so much for all your support throughout this event. I hope we can work together for the better future. Thank You Once Again!”

Shinichi Oto






"It is very nice to get my bonus all the time, but it is my biggest satisfaction to see my team getting their gold remuneration." My goal is also to help others achieve their dreams. This really makes me feel happy. Thank you so much for nominating me for this award! I love you, GIG family!”

Araceli Huerta Moreno






“Thanks for your votes, I reaffirm my loyalty, commitment and gratitude to each one of the clients of this great Company, we will live many decades working together, with prosperity, hand in hand, always looking to create a better world. Our mission is just a beginning.”

Lucero Karina Blasquez Salinas






"Our life is a consequence of our thoughts; it is born in our heart and is created by our thought. If a person speaks and acts with a good thought, joy follows him like a shadow that never leaves.”

Wladimir Gnauser






“Dear colleagues, I sincerely appreciate your votes give it to me. This is a sign and a responsibility for me to understand how is necessary to spread the experience and knowledge acquired. You need to achieve these goals as soon as possible and you will receive your INVESTED GOLD orders faster! THANK YOU again!“

Petras Zykas






“Thank you very much for your votes. It is s a great honor to be part of this Contest. I carry out this activity with great passion, putting all my heart, hoping to show others how loyalty, humanity and cooperation make your dreams come true in this Great Family.”

Carla Rapone






“The facts talk about the abundance inside one's heart”and Global InterGold enriches our hearts.”      

Edmundo Horacio Hernandez Ivenes






“Thanks to all of you who decided to be in the team with me and my colleagues! I am sure all together we will make the world a better place!”

Petr Kouchmen






“Mabuhay Philippines! This is the right time to be united once again! Let's bring back the Filipinos to the TOP! We highly appreciate your votes. Thank you very much.” 

Alvin Punay Alcobendas

Quotations by other nominees will be published on the nomination page when the participants add appeals to their profile.

Have you already voted for the most deserving Global InterGold client with a great heart?

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Created: 13.09.2017
The "Great Heart": The second stage of voting began.
The "Great Heart": The second stage of voting began.
 Success starts with help: Choose a hero with a Great Heart! Success starts with help: Choose a hero with a Great Heart!
The medal "Great Heart" The medal "Great Heart"
VIDEO: How were the Great Hearts awarded? VIDEO: How were the Great Hearts awarded?
Who received the highest Global InterGold's award? Who received the highest Global InterGold's award?
“Great Heart” winners are known! “Great Heart” winners are known!
[“Great Heart” Nomination Rating] The first results revealed! [“Great Heart” Nomination Rating] The first results revealed!
Why is the “Great Heart” medal the highest Global InterGold’s award? Why is the “Great Heart” medal the highest Global InterGold’s award?
50 candidates proceed to the second stage of the "Great Heart" nomination! 50 candidates proceed to the second stage of the "Great Heart" nomination!
Kindness saves the world and deserves the highest “Great Heart" award Kindness saves the world and deserves the highest “Great Heart" award
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