How to cope with criticism?

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"Envious people often condemn things they cannot do, and criticize those people whose level they will never reach."

Friedrich Nietzsche,
German thinker and philosopher of the 19th century

In the world of business, criticism is pervasive. The bigger the success, the more envious people and detractors around you. Those who managed to succeed and reach professional heights are on the radars of toxic people.

Their activities, aimed to foster welfare and prosperity of clients, are often condemned.

Strive to achieve your goal!

As a rule, both individuals and like-minded groups that strive to achieve the same goal, just as the world-renowned companies, have to deal with criticism and discontent. Let’s review the real-life examples.


IKEA, the Netherlands (founded in Sweden)

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur since childhood. He lived in the Swedish outback, and the locals openly laughed at the ambitions of a young man who was selling flower and vegetable seeds in neighboring villages.

However, at the age of seventeen, Ingvar opened his first store, selling modern and comfortable furniture based on the “Lego for adults” concept. Within several decades, IKEA became one of the world's biggest retail chains.


Uber, United States

One winter, two American entrepreneurs, Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanik, could not take a taxi on the streets of Paris. Later, the men came up with the idea to develop a convenient application for smartphones, with the help of which a car can be called up in one click.

Few believed in the success of such a venture. The founders faced criticism and protests from their direct competitors, namely the official taxi services, yet time has proven that Uber is functioning efficiently and is in great demand. As of today, it is the largest platform connecting the driver with the client via mobile phone.


Razer, United States

Founded in 1998, the US-based company Razer started producing professional equipment for gamers: gaming systems, special keyboards, mice, headphones. Critics predicted that the failed business would go bankrupt, given that back in those days the gaming industry was not quite as popular as it is today, but the company’s founders believed in their idea.

In the following decades, the gaming industry reached an unprecedented high. Razer's profit is now worth billions of dollars. The company owns 30% of all gaming equipment in the global market.


Do not believe what critics say!

If you came up against negative reviews regarding someone else's activities, it is very important to keep a cool head, analyze the situation and evaluate everything carefully – do the accusations correspond to reality and what are the arguments? Try to understand the cause of dissatisfaction and familiarize yourself with the object of discussion – study it.

Remember that criticism is, by all means, subjective, and is often caused by the envy of someone else's success. Many people blame others for their failures or problems. It is always easier to criticize someone rather than change yourself and the way of thinking.

If you yourself have been criticized or faced disapproval, first of all, do not be discouraged. Remember that the one who creates real value is a true innovator, therefore facing criticism is not out of question.


Be totally honest!

If your values meet the standards of ethics and morality, the goal is noble and harnessed for the benefit of people, then your activity is by no means destructive. 

The truth is that it is impossible to be good for everyone, even if you are actually doing good deeds. Sadly, these are the harsh realities of life.

Codes can help you overcome disapproval and rise above envy, get over a negative appraisal and cope with anger and resentment. The codes will provide a guidance, helping you to make the right decisions and accomplish tasks effectively.

With the help of codes, any critical remark becomes a powerful boost of motivation to be a better person and work even more productively and effectively.

Global InterGold is guided by two important Codes: the Leader’s Code and the Aristippus’ Code. These tools include valuable advice, ethical norms and rules that contribute to the successful achievement of a global goal – achieve Financial Security, create a better world and improve the quality of life for our clients.




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Created: 23.05.2019
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