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The competition for the First Presidential Cruise has ended!
Congratulations to the winners!
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Only for co-owners of the company
First Presidential Cruise
Start: January 1st
Finish: May 31
The Presidential Cruise is not only about recreation, adventure and a premium class journey along the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean. This cruise is an award for those who have worked hard and diligently. Getting on board a luxury cruise ship and enjoying the company of the Global InterGold’s president is a great honor for the chosen ones!
How to get the main prize?

In order to go on this fabulous journey, you do not need to perform feats. It's enough to work productively and actively becoming one of the top 30 Global InterGold clients.

The most important thing is that everyone can win!
Leaders rapidly increase their income and that of their structure
Beginners quickly reach stable income and pave the way to their leadership career
Everyone expands the boundaries of their business and enhance their positions in the structure
According to the competition rules, winners are deemed by regions:
10 clients
from North and South America
10 clients
from Europe and Africa
10 clients
from Asia and Australia
This means that a gold business person from anywhere in the world has the opportunity to be among the best!
The Presidential Cruise
is your chance, are you ready?