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International mass media devote their pages to Global InterGold
Global InterGold takes pride in international media devoting publications to the company and its business. Which media have recently published articles about the gold business? And which ones are the most interesting? These are the names that stand out.

Words of Nigerian media about Global InterGold
The printed edition of the Nigerian newspaper "Daily Trust" has recently issued an article about Global InterGold's gold business and its earning possibilities. This is how the local media has reacted to it.

GOLD vs. PAPER MONEY: historical facts why gold takes the lead
With the abolition of the gold standard, only paper money remains. But it is widely known that in times of crisis, it is hardly to be trusted despite what governments say. Find in this article the most astonishing facts about gold and paper money.

Gold prices report on 25th April
Last week, gold prices experienced a small decline mainly due to the outcome of the French elections' first round, but other reasons have affected gold prices in other countries. Gold still continues to be the preferred protection against instability. Find in this report a detailed summary of the movements of the gold market during last week.

The Global Survey has started!
The Global Survey has been launched! Answer all the questions and enter into a prize draw to win 1 of our 111 great prizes.

REGISTER NOW for the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2017
The tickets for Global InterGold’s most important event are already available on the company’s official website. Be the first to buy a ticket at a special price!

There is less than a week left to launch our GLOBAL SURVEY. Do you know why it is worth participating? Find everything you need to know here! Are you ready?

Gold prices report on 18th April
Gold prices performed incredibly well last week and they have continued to do so right after Easter was over. What has favored the gold market these last days?

Global InterGold featured in one of the Philippines' most influential national newspapers!
Global InterGold's business opportunities have achieved a significant impact in the Philippines, and one of the country's most acclaimed media has published an article about the company. Read on and get to know about Manila Bulletin, a newspaper rich in history.

Gold prices report on 10th April
As the year progresses, different happenings support investors' choice for gold. Last week, gold prices reached their highest value in five months, and the reasons affect the whole world. Find the latest and most noteworthy events in the gold market in this weekly report.

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