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Hundreds of Filipino Families are Supported by the Gold Business
Today, in the 21st century, many Filipinos still have to leave their homeland in search of a better future. However, the country is now seizing a resurgence of the labor market. What is bringing a lot of Filipinos back home and preventing others from leaving

Are you sure you know everything about the gold business in the Philippines?
Have you already heard about the Global InterGold's first official conference in the Philippines? Do you know about the new local bank account? Do you know how the company has upgraded its service? We have collected all the key events of the last month. Learn why this is the best moment to skyrocket your business growth!

Global InterGold's conference in Cucuta: a new start for Colombia!
“A great and excellent day packed with information and positive energy! Thank you, Global InterGold, because dreams can come true. Let's go for more!” Eduardo Miraval On Saturday, 18th February, a highly successful Global InterGold's conference took place in San Jose de Cucuta, Colombia. Why was it a milestone for the country?

[14th – 20th February 2017] Weekly gold prices report
The price of gold was slightly higher at the beginning of last week as compared to the end of the previous one. However, prices did not follow an easy movement. How was the gold price performance this week?

New bank details for payments for orders in the Philippines!
Great news for those of you who reside in the Philippines! We place at your disposal a local bank account for bank transfers. Find all the details below!

Global Tour 2017: first official Global InterGold's conference in the Philippines
The Global Tour 2017 conference in the Philippines has marked the beginning of a new business stage! Why was this event so successful? How can Filipinos make the most of this highly profitable, prestigious, safe and legal business?

[7th – 13th February 2017] Weekly gold prices report
Last week, gold prices remained stable. The main reason was the influence of the European political situation, which starts gaining ground in the gold market. What events were involved in last week's performance of gold prices?

How can people benefit even more from the gold business in Colombia?
“Freedom and Order” is the motto of Colombia, and from now on, a good description of Global InterGold's activities in this country. Have you heard the news?

The Philippines welcomes Global InterGold: Event's Opening
The City of Cebu rolls out the red carpet for Global InterGold's clients who are coming from all over the world to attend this long-awaited event! It will be a highly successful conference! Push mo yan!

Global InterGold’s activities in Colombia
Global InterGold has attained a higher level of development in Colombia.

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