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Italian TV echoes Global InterGold's business opportunity!
Extra, extra! Global InterGold has become a big hit on Italian TV! The media has picked up the story of Matteo Monetta, one of our Italian leaders, and the good work of our international company. What does this mean for us all?

Strategic plan for financial security based on our Global Survey
What is the main difficulty that people encounter in life? Uncertainty about tomorrow: not knowing whether they will be capable of paying bills and loans, buying food and clothes, etc.

Gold prices report on 26th June
Gold prices have had an ascending performance over the past week. Despite weaker figures in the gold market, experts remain optimistic: there are several reasons why they think gold prices will rally soon. All details below.

Invitation by GIG's Leaders to the Global Convention 2017
Did you know that the Global Convention 2017 is the most awaited event of the year? Our leaders tell you why!

Global Convention 2017: sneak peek at 3 TOP secrets of financial security
How to get rid of your debts and help others achieve financial freedom? How to earn a lot of money? How to feel confident about the future and live a full life? Read about 3 TOP secrets of financial security to be revealed at the most awaited business event of the year!

Why 2 million people choose freedom with Global InterGold
What kind of freedom are we talking about? The REAL one. The one Global InterGold’s clients enjoy every day. Read on to find out how to enjoy that freedom yourself: you are about to change your life.

Gold prices report on 19th June
Gold prices dropped over the past week, but at the end of the day, experts remained optimistic as geopolitical risks are rising. Find in this gold report the latest movements in the gold market and why experts forecast gold prices to propel.

 [PHOTO REPORT] How is the gold business blooming in Nigeria?
Nigeria is pioneer in the gold business in the entire African continent! Nigerians are developing Global InterGold's business and offering this great opportunity to more people. These photos speak for themselves!

What has the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard written about Global InterGold?
Global InterGold's gold business keeps on moving forward and making the front page of acclaimed international newspapers. This time, the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard has devoted some of its pages to the company. What do they say about GIG?

Are you afraid to lose what you have? Let it not be your story!
In today's shaky economy, inflation rises and prices fall. How do we notice that? Each passing day, we can afford less and less things because our salaries have not grown for quite a long time. How to keep filling your shopping trolley at the supermarket? Find the answer in this article.

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