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What is the opinion of Mexicans about Global InterGold?
As media reports and data indicate, the gold business of Global InterGold is well-known in Mexico, as many people have chosen this business opportunity of the 21st Century. But, do you know what do Mexicans really think about Global InterGold? Read on!

What do Colombians actually think about Global InterGold?
Global InterGold's gold business is spreading across Colombia, as more and more people choose to build a future for themselves by earning with gold. But, what do they really think about the company? Find out!

Gold prices report on 28th March
Gold prices go sky-high! Trump's crushing defeat on passing healthcare reform and the statements from the Federal Reserve have intensified people's trust in gold. How come gold prices have reached a 5-week maximum?

Uruguay knows how to earn with gold
“I started this business because I wanted to change my life for the better and become financially independent. And I have succeeded! Thank you, Global InterGold!” Juliet Irisarri, Uruguay Why are there thousands of success stories like this one in Uruguay and all over the world?

More than 2 million reasons to trust Global InterGold
More than 2 million people gave their vote of confidence to Global InterGold and today, they can boast a strong and profitable business. More than 2 million people who are there to help those wishing to improve their livelihoods. How does Global InterGold guarantee reliability and integrity?

The gold business booms in the Philippines!
Why are Filipinos happy? Because they have the opportunity to achieve prosperity and carry out an interesting work thanks to Global InterGold! What has the gold business brought to their lives?

What do Filipinos actually think about Global InterGold?
More and more Filipinos are starting to build their own business with Global InterGold. What are the results? Customers tell you the whole truth.

[Did you know...?] Curious facts about gold
We want to entertain you with interesting facts about our beloved precious metal. Read the article and discover them!

Gold prices report on 21st March
The beginning of last week showed low gold prices, but then they rose reaching their highest since March, 6th. Experts also found enough evidence to forecast that the price of gold will be pushed even higher very soon. Which events have influenced the gold market during last week?

The gold business develops with spectacular results in Mexico
There is a lot going on in Mexico at present. Despite the general economic and political conditions Mexicans live in, Global InterGold's gold business is showing spectacular results in the country. Read on and find out what makes Mexico one of the core locations of the gold business development at a global scale.

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