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Official information about the Global InterGold company
Global InterGold is an international online shop of investment gold bars which has also developed a marketing program allowing customers to buy gold in small amounts profitably and receive income.

Go to Global Convention together with your team!
Global InterGold always cares about your comfort and convenience. This time, we have developed a simple and profitable offer for your entire business team! All the details in the article!

Gold prices report on 14th August
This week, the US released data on the producer price index (PPI) and the consumer price index (CPI). How did the published data affect gold prices? Read on to learn!

Business enhancement in Nigeria
Nigeria is a country whose people not only want to protect their savings from inflation, but also to learn how to make money, build a lucrative business, and succeed.

History of Global InterGold “Great Heart” medal
We continue the chain of good by telling about people who deserve to get to the pedestal of honor and receive the “Great Heart" award. Read our article and watch the video to learn about the history of the medal and about those who will get it.

Gold prices report on 7th August
This week, geopolitical tension has intensified. We will tell you how changes on the world scene affected the gold’s performance.

PHYLOSOPHY: Lack of financial security
What is the main problem in a person’s life? He does not know or is not sure what will happen to him tomorrow. And first of all, he is not sure if will be able to survive in the future.

Why does my table not advance? Sorting things out
Today we will have a closer look at the GoldSet marketing program, its principles and secrets. Together, we will find out how to take advantage of it!

Mexico: a country of prosperity and lucrative business
Mexico is known as one of the most advantageous countries for a financial start. We will tell you why your commercial undertakings can gain momentum quickly in Mexico.

Global InterGold: The more good deeds, the better!
The value of the good resides in its deficit. We are getting ready to talk about people who expand the limits of gratitude and light. The highest Global InterGold’s award awaits them: the "Great Heart" medal.

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