[07 – 13 March 2017] Weekly gold prices report
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[07 – 13 March 2017] Weekly gold prices report
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Gold prices fell on Tuesday, 7th morning to $1,223 per ounce, but the technical analyst Wang Tao (Reuters) has pointed this price as a good support level. The fall followed a rising US dollar, but that day, the analyst Jonathan Butler from the Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi, declared the following:

"We believe there is room to re-build risk hedging in gold in anticipation of extreme, albeit low probability, market turmoil"

In addition, the latest reports from the United States said that a lot of new jobs have been created there - far more than expected in February. Together with another increment of the dollar, gold prices fell again to $1,210 per ounce on Wednesday, 8th.

Gold prices did not differ much on the next day when an ounce cost $1,208. The dollar went stronger again ahead of next week's Federal Reserve decision on interest rates. However, Thursday, 9th counted on the results of a new research note from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Experts have claimed that this is the most positive forecast so far this year:

"Inflation and a range of uncertainties – including European elections and protectionism – should support the yellow metal...[to] $1,400 by year-end."

During Friday, 10th, gold prices remained above $1,200 per ounce. And the reasons also remained the same: strong US jobs data and next week's expected interest-rate rise from the Federal Reserve. Nevertheless, the dollar fell ahead of the weekend.

On Monday, 13th, gold prices went up to $1,206 per ounce due to a higher demand for this safe-haven asset ahead of elections in Europe and worries about this week's parliamentary election in the Netherlands.

The whole world takes refuge on gold.


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Published: 13.03.2017
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