1 KG Gold Contest Winner is known!
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1 KG Gold Contest Winner is known!
Global InterGold

The Global Convention 2017 embraced a solemn awarding ceremony of customers who have made a tremendous contribution to the development of the gold business.

Among the awardees there were company's leaders as well as the winners of the Global 100 contest and the Global Survey Prize Draw.

The culmination of the ceremony was the announcement of the 1 KG Gold Contest Winner! This contest for a kilo of gold was held within the framework of the Grand Summer Voyage Competition among the 30 most active Global InterGold clients.

Last year, the prize worth 40,000 euros was bestowed upon Gevork Dzhlavyan, and this year it was given to a marvelous business lady


We genuinely congratulate our outstanding winner. This is a well-deserved reward for perseverance in achieving goals, dedication and incredible leadership qualities!

Read more about the conference in our official report. 

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Published: 28.11.2017
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