10 movies and series about sales to encourage you for new business victories
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10 movies and series about sales to encourage you for new business victories
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Want to spend your spare time with benefit? We have compiled a list of must-see films for to all entrepreneurs!  


The Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese's smashing hit is about a young broker who is also a former employee of a successful investment bank. He loses his stable job, but his style of communication with clients, intelligence and charisma quickly produce new incredible results.

It is a story of growth from an ordinary agent to an influential entrepreneur who is able to attract attention, convince and sell.

The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie is about caring about your loved ones and about father’s readiness to do anything for the sake of his child. The protagonist alone brings up his son and struggles to ensure his happy childhood. This is a story about love that helps to achieve the impossible.

Glengarry Glen Ross

This is a story of the high competition and struggle for customers in a real estate agency. The movie has an outstanding cast: Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey, Alec Baldwin and other celebrities.

The Social Network

At the heart of this film, there is the biography of the Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg. A Harvard student launched a very basic website for his fellow students. Who would know it grows into an international network?

The idea of the movie is that all brilliant ideas are simple, although you need wit and diligence to make them work.

Miss Sloane

This is a story of a persistent female lobbyist Miss Sloan who is able to predict the behavior of opponents and use their weaknesses in her own interests. These features make her services extremely popular among the most influential politicians. She achieves goals at any cost, but one task jeopardizes all her career.

Boiler Room

A young man, Seth Davis, asks himself: “Why does someone earn millions and I don’t?”, “Why do I drive a second-hand car when someone buys the fifth Rolls Royce?”, “Why is someone luckier than me?”

Seth opens a casino in his apartment and tries to reach his dream income. He gets lucky and one of the customers offers him a highly paid job whose monthly salary exceeds the total annual income of his casino. It seems that the dream comes true, but soon things take a serious turn.


Mad Men

This is a drama about one of the outstanding advertising New York agencies. Everything is perfect there: actors' play, the plot and marketing techniques. For businessmen, this series will become a real tool for promotion.


This American series is dedicated to advocates. The protagonist is a self-taught lawyer who pretends to be a Harvard graduate and ends up at an interview at one of New York's best lawyers. Together, they win Manhattan.

The basis of the series is a legal theme, but much attention is paid to business and sales. And not just sales, but of elite and expensive services. The main characters have plenty of things one can learn from.


This series is about a high-grade PR agency in London whose employees "sell air" and are engaged in dishonest activities. If other films from the list teach how to do business, this series shows black tricks you’d better avoid. Alert: English humor and sarcasm detected.


The story is based on the life and career of Judy Smith, former head of the George W. Bush Press Center. This series is about politics and public relations. The main character's goal is to eliminate the problems of famous personalities and public figures, and not to let the public know about them.

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Published: 26.09.2017
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