19 useful tools to develop your business
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19 useful tools to develop your business
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If you are engaged in a business, it is important to keep in touch with people, clearly plan your work, use modern promotion channels, and constantly keep track of events. Today, a successful business person is someone who knows how to find common ground with people, use modern technologies and adapt quickly.

There are many useful tools for this.

Social networks

In any business, you need to create an image, build trust and attract attention. It is necessary to write about yourself, activities, goals and values. It is vital to keep in touch with your colleagues and potential clients. Social networks come in very handy.

Here is the minimum list of social networks where you must have an account registered and where you have to be active and responsive.

Facebook: to find new contacts, communicate with customers. It is also a platform for placing useful materials for a circle of friends.

Instagram: to notify colleagues and potential customers about the successes in the business by means of photos, videos and short descriptions.

LinkedIn: to establish contacts. In this social network, many students, freelancers and professionals looking for work are registered. This is an excellent source of new customers.

Chats and file sharing

Skype is a tool for transferring files, personal and group chats, audio and video calls.

Telegram is a relatively new tool which embraces more and more users every day. It is convenient to exchange information, create channels where other participants can read your messages. It is also one of the most convenient and reliable file sharing services.

Whatsapp and Viber are convenient and simple mobile apps for correspondence and calls, photo and video sharing.

Slack is a service for creating chats and individual groups for discussion with a team, clients or users.

Basecamp is one of the top services for team work on projects. Here you can share documents, have discussions with colleagues, create to-do-lists, add comments to tasks, and process e-mails.

Dropmefiles.com is a convenient online file sharing service to share materials with colleagues.

Time management tools

Trello allows you to systematize tasks and ideas and create to-do-lists for a day, a week or a month. Everything is displayed on one board with a simple and intuitive interface.

Evernote is an electronic notebook that can be used both on the computer and on the phone.

Pick is a useful application for busy people who often make appointments. It has two main functions:

1) Scheduling which you can share with colleagues, so they are aware of your free time.

2) Ability to make an appointment, choose a place, time, person and send him a notification.

Tools for image enhancement

Tilda Publishing is probably the most simple and convenient website constructor. There, you can create your own business card website from several available templates. It features paid and free versions, all sorts of questions about the creation of a web page are gladly answered by the Tilda support service.

Canva is a tool where you can easily create pictures, add inscriptions and other elements, and combine photos into a collage. But the main opportunity for business people is the ability to create presentations. It's simple:

• Register on the website

• Select the Presentation section

• Go to Layouts and select a template

• Create a presentation and download it to your computer.

GIG Promotional materials embrace various image materials designed by Global InterGold: catalogs, booklets, press kit. You can also grasp the opportunity to make your branded business card in a few clicks.

Other useful tools

MP3 Skype Recorder is a program used to record Skype conversations. Its quality is much better than if you use a plain voice recorder.

LastPass is a password storing manager which remembers them for you. With it, you will have access to all your passwords if you are not at your computer.

HERE WeGo (iOS) / HERE WeGo (Android) is a convenient navigator. It allows to download a map of any country in the world and use it in offline mode. If you are engaged in international business and often go on business trips, you can definitely make use of it.


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Published: 13.09.2017
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Evgeniy Kravtsov id 470977026
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