2020 Crisis: Rules of protection
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2020 Crisis: Rules of protection
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Predictions of a crisis

Are there people on Earth who can prevent the onset of a crisis? Certainly, there are, and by no means limited to one single individual. There are always experts for whom the precondition of global change is obvious. Analysts warn that a crisis does not erupt from nowhere. But people tend to remain optimistic without giving up hope. Predictions of pessimists are rather unpopular among the masses.


George Soros’ forecast

The famous billionaire and financial guru Soros warns about the changes that are yet to come.

Symptoms of the crisis, according to D. Soros:

- Trump's decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal

- BREXIT: UK leaves the EU

- Devaluation of currencies in developing countries

Forecast of the World Bank analysts

The experts of the World Bank note that exactly ten years have passed since the worst financial crisis of 2009.

Symptoms of the fast-approaching economic collapse, according to the experts of the World Bank:

- Slowdown of the global GDP rate growth

- Protectionist policies

- Trade wars

Symptoms of the LFS virus

All the symptoms of the impending crisis are clearly reminiscent of the Lack of Financial Security virus (LFS) symptoms.

Any financial threats, risks, inability to protect savings and pay off debts are the main contributors to the LFS virus.

Can you protect your family and yourself from the collapse? How not to share the fate of those who lose their savings and are left with nothing?

Today we will tell you what to do when you encounter an unstable economic situation, and what money-managing rules can help you personally.


Rules of protection against the crisis

Believe in yourself

1. The most important asset that every person has is knowledge. This capital will never depreciate. Accumulate your abilities, improve your skill set, boost talents! Learn new things on an ongoing basis and look up to successful people. Knowledge will help you make the right and conscious decision.

Gain knowledge

2. Keep track of your income and expenses. Save wisely, try to improve the quality of life. Preserve and accumulate your savings!

Find a pathway to Financial Security

3. Define goals and find what is valuable to you. Your choice will have an impact on your well-being and the well-being of your loved ones. If you set the right goals and realize the most important values, possess knowledge and strive for reliability, you will certainly gain confidence in the team of like-minded individuals!

Move toward the goal

4. Use the right tools. Global experts always say that only gold can protect your savings in times of crisis and trade wars. Buying investment gold bars is the best thing you can do to protect yourself from the depreciation of the national currency and the global turmoil.

Experts’ opinion on the strengthening of financial security


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Published: 17.10.2018
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