3 reasons not to miss the Global Convention 2016!
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3 reasons not to miss the Global Convention 2016!

Would you like to know what is waiting for you at the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016 in Rome?

We highly appreciate your time, contribution, and loyalty. We care about every client actively involved in the company's life and interested in attending our official events.

We would like to provide the Online Gold Shop clients attending the Global Convention 2016 with an exclusive PRIORITY STATUS.

This special status will enable you to solve all the issues you might have concerning Global InterGold's product and services:

- Your questions to the Customer Support Service will be the first to be answered.

- Your requests will processed with priority.

You will be one of the first to obtain this exclusive status at the Global Convention 2016!


The company's first Gold Exhibition!

Collect official materials, admire the Online Gold Shop products in detail, and learn more about how to win the company's competitions and get gold awards. Our hostesses will be glad to answer your questions during the exhibition.



  • We will grant special privileges to all those dedicated customers who attend most of Global InterGold's events.
  • We want to provide them with new opportunities and business tools for their income increment at the Global Convention, the first conference celebrated by the company that has become a tradition.
  • We will also announce and present new tools for order management!

Be one of the first to revolutionize your income with the latest opportunities!

Only the Global Convention 2016 attendees will get new tools to develop their businesses, to expand their structures and to speed up and increase their income.

Improve the conditions of your structure!

We are sure that our most ambitious clients will find this piece of news particularly appealing. Come and participate in the event!

Join us!


We are looking forward to seeing you in Rome!

Hurry up, the number of tickets is limited!

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Published: 16.09.2016
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