5 mistakes of an aspiring entrepreneur
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5 mistakes of an aspiring entrepreneur
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"If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake."



Beginners in the gold business can be fallible. All Global InterGold clients must be aware of the most common mistakes that the beginners usually make.

As the ancient proverb says:"A smart person learns from his/her mistakes, but a truly wise person learns from the mistakes of others." If you are aware of the most common "rakes" that our clients step on, you can avoid falling victim to a potential hazard.

What hinders business development the most?


1. Zero knowledge about your product

Are you sure you know a lot about gold? Think about it: what can you tell the client about it? Superficial knowledge and vague information can scare off a potential buyer. People tend to trust experts who are ready to answer any question and give convincing arguments.

An experienced entrepreneur knows everything about the product and monitors the situation on the market. The weekly analytical articles on our website will keep you up to date with all the latest information on gold.

In addition, you need to know the key features of the GoldSet marketing program in order to succeed in it and help others too.


2. Knowing nothing about your target audience

Have you already identified your client? Offering your services to everybody is not the best idea. If you are not sure who you are looking for, the lion’s share of your energy will be wasted.

The first steps in business begin with a target audience analysis. Who may need your product? Who can be a valuable client? What kind of strategy should be used in communication with such a person? By answering these questions, you save a lot of time and effort.

How to define your target audience


3. Inability to withstand the pressure of other people

You may have already dealt with skepticism, ridicule or criticism. "Give it up, you won't succeed. It’s better to do something useful," such remarks can often be heard from people who are upset by their own failures.

The opinion of others often becomes a very convincing argument for aspiring entrepreneurs, and soon they give up their ideas. The ability to resist the external influence is crucial for any successful activity.


4. Bad team player

When an athlete gets the ball on the football field, he/she can try to break through, kicking the ball to the goal line. However, it will be easier to play a clever combination with teammates and score a goal.

Global InterGold is a team-oriented business that is based on communication. Here you are surrounded by like-minded people, many of whom have already gone a long way and have gained a lot of experience. You can always seek the support of teammates, because it is much easier to achieve the goal together. By using the potential of your environment, you can work more effectively.

Do you want to become a strong team player, capable not only of taking action, but also leading the team? The Leader’s Code will help you in this endeavor.


5. Mismanagement of funds

The ability to manage finances is the most important quality of any entrepreneur. If you are not familiar with the principles of money, then your earnings will slip through your fingers.

The business of Global InterGold is based on the idea of Financial Security. We do not just make money but create a reliable and stable future. For this purpose, it is necessary to learn constantly, mastering the art of managing savings.

Taking into account the mistakes of others, you can move towards new achievements with greater confidence. Be observant, learn new things, broaden your horizons — in that way, you’ll have a slim chance of facing an obstacle.

If you have already made some of the aforementioned mistakes — do not be discouraged. Any mistake can be fixed, you just have to learn from the experience, be wise enough to make good use of it and move on.


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Published: 09.07.2019
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