8 tips on how to buy cheap tickets... and get to the Global Convention in Munich!
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8 tips on how to buy cheap tickets... and get to the Global Convention in Munich!
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There are only 2 months left until the main event of the year. If you have not bought a ticket to the capital of Bavaria yet, it is the right time to take care of it.

We have collected useful tips and tools for you to buy tickets at the most profitable rate!  

№ 1. Don’t believe unconfirmed statements on travel websites

Many articles on saving when travelling by air recommend to look for tickets on Tuesdays, during off hours or while using the "incognito" mode of the browser. The authors of these articles always claim that they know secret tactics of airlines’ price setting.

In fact, most companies don’t use any tricks at all, they just sell tickets. Changes in prices require additional efforts and don’t bring the desired profit in the modern competitive environment.

№ 2. Be flexible when selecting dates

Ticket prices depend on days of the week, season and holidays around the time of trip. Tickets become the most expensive on the New Year’s Eve, Christmas and other national and international celebrations. For example, during the beer festival in Munich, the prices for both air tickets and hotels increase.

If you have scheduled some weekend activities, it might be cheaper to buy a ticket on Thursday and pay for one extra night at a hotel than to depart on Friday. Calculate the costs carefully in total.

№ 3. Buy tickets 2-3 months in advance

This is an average time for travelers to buy tickets. Airlines cut prices to make more sales in a highly competitive environment. Also, selling tickets 2 months in advance ensures that people will book seats and the plane will not remain without passengers.

There are about 2 months left until the Global Convention 2017, so you can make use of your time and take care of tickets with no last-minute hustle!

№ 4. Don’t limit yourself to direct flights

For example, a direct flight from Italy to Munich takes about 1.5 – 2 hours. But this option is not always the most profitable.

If you look at the offers on this picture, it becomes obvious that you’d better pay 8 euros more and not spend 13 hours waiting between the planes. But often the difference in cost between tickets for a direct flight and a flight with a transfer reaches several hundred euros.

So, now you can actually get a ticket from Rome to Munich for 102 EUR, if you fly out on Thursday and get back on Monday (data for August 23, 2017).

№ 5. Consider other transport options apart planes

Alternatively, you can first fly to the large airport of Frankfurt. It is a big air hub with thousands of routes, that is why airlines often reduce ticket prices with the departure or destination point in Frankfurt.

You can get from Frankfurt to Munich by train or bus. One trip, two beautiful German cities!

Routes can be planned using the Rome2rio service.

Here you are, for instance, ideas of a Frankfurt-Munich trip:

Train tickets ~70 EUR

Bus ~22 EUR

Night train ~55 EUR

№ 6. Look for tickets per passenger

Don’t buy tickets for a large group of people at once, since airlines always show inflated prices for them. For example, if you are looking for a flight for 4 people, and the price is 100 EUR for seat A, 150 EUR for seat B, 200 EUR for seat C, and 250 EUR for seat D, the airline’s website will show the price for 4 tickets at the maximum cost of 250 EUR.

You’d rather buy tickets separately and select particular seats when checking-in for the flight.

№ 7. Sign up for special offers

In the future, you will undoubtedly travel too. You can either search for good deals on your own or subscribe for airline offers and receive notifications about discounts and bonuses.

Almost every airline site has the option to leave your email address in order to receive weekly newsletter with special offers. Each continent has its own lowcosters: airlines that offer profitable flights and can provide you with excellent conditions. We suggest you sign up for RyanAir, Wizzair, and Lufthansa updates.

And these services specialize in searching and offering the best prices and terms:

  • Airfarewatchdog — shows you the best air routes from your city

  • The Flight Deal — shows the most rewarding flights from around the world

  • Holiday Pirates — features extra information about hotels and special discount coupon codes

№ 8. Surf websites that have long proven to suggest best deals

Do not trust random ads, use the platforms that people around the world approve. On the Internet, there are enough scammers, and making such an important and not cheap purchase as a plane ticket you should not rely on good luck.

Here are a few reliable services:

Momondo is on top now. It does not hide budget airlines’ deals, while many services show tickets of only those companies they cooperate with and receive interest from.

And here you are some great current offers from Momondo:


November 2nd-6th

143 EUR with transfers

167 EUR without transfer


November 2nd-6th

119 EUR - one transfer from Vilnius to Munich with 7-hour waiting

120 EUR – two 2-hour transfers


November 2nd-6th

45 EUR without transfer


November 2nd-6th

671 EUR with transfers


November 2nd-6th

99 EUR with transfers

136 EUR without transfer

Kuala Lumpur-Munich-Kuala Lumpur

November 2nd-6th

609 EUR - two transfers, one each way


November 2nd-6th

220 EUR with transfers

313 EUR without transfer


November 2nd-6th

72 EUR with transfers

95 EUR without transfer


November 2nd-6th

82 EUR without transfer


Below the trip details there is a line with columns:

The lower the column, the lower the price. If the day of arrival and departure is not of great importance, try to change the dates and save even more.

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See you in Munich!


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Published: 28.08.2017
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