A conference called “The Road to the Future” took place in Uruguay!
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A conference called “The Road to the Future” took place in Uruguay!
Global InterGold

I started this business because I wanted to change my life for the better and become financially independent. And I have succeeded! Thank you, Global InterGold!”

Juliet Irisarri, a GIG's client from Uruguay

The residents of Latin America attended a conference in Uruguay to repeat Juliet Irisarri’s success story.

“The Road to the Future” — the name the conference organizers contrived — led GIG's clients to Kibon Avanza in Montevideo during 5th-6th November.

One can see more and more people who want to ensure a stable financial future by attending the company's business events.

Apart from many beginners in Global InterGold, the conference gathered dedicated customers who have been working with the company for a long time: Ostap Pechenyi, Antonio Garduño, Lucero Blasquez, Joel Mautone, Gino Ferruggiaro, etc. They shared their experiences and knowledge so that other participants could emulate their achievements.

These conferences help people taking right decisions. The gold business gives a unique opportunity to earn and change one’s life for the better, and, by participating in the company’s events, people can obtain the fullest up-to-date information.

Follow the updates on the Global Events website and do not miss the next event in your region!

Enjoy the photos from the conference in Uruguay:

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Published: 07.11.2016
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maria  rovira
maria rovira
necesito informacion acerca de poder ser parte del global inertgold .. gracias .
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