A conference in Rome as viewed by a Global InterGold cameraman
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A conference in Rome as viewed by a Global InterGold cameraman
Global InterGold

Here is the hotel which hosted the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016. A few hours later, hundreds of clients would arrive at the hotel to take part in the most anticipated event of this autumn. Although, it does not even look like autumn!

Clients exuded joy and happiness even while queuing to register for the event.

GIG events are not only about business, but also about friendship. It is always so nice to meet your peers there!

One of the clients seemed interested in the Grand Summer Voyage 2017 competition. This is not surprising if you think about the prize: a luxurious journey at the company’s expense!

And this client was willing to take a picture together with Global InterGold's gold exhibits to forever cherish the memories about this event. We know this feeling!

This is how GIG's customers feel when they arrive at the company's events!

Our cameraman captured a moment of business talking. The gold business is a business for serious people.

And here is the Director of Development for Global InterGold greeted, as always, with thunderous applause!

Have a look at this Global InterGold's client in his moment of fame!

The passionate address of this speaker deserves a standing ovation!

The clients from the Land of the Rising Sun are excited to be at the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016.

In the middle, you can see the winner of the Global 100 contest, the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 competition, and the 1 KG Gold Contest. If you are wondering how he managed to achieve it all, read this article.

The Director of Development for Global InterGold announced six new Grand Leaders. This honorary status is a symbol for their outstanding accomplishments in the gold business.

Were “Men in Black” also present at the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016? No, this man is a client from Latin America who will be happy to see you all in the next event.

This conference gathered clients from 38 countries!

And this is a legendary kilogram of gold won by one of the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 participants. Everyone was willing to take a photo with it!

A stylish guest book – already full of positive comments – was the Global Convention’s novelty.

The stunning Leaders Gala Dinner was the final chord of the conference.

Jazzy Laura Flannegan Quintet were playing the best notes especially for the guests.

As tradition demands, at the end of the Gala Dinner, the management of the company invited some well-known clients to cut a gorgeous cake.

A walk along the streets of Rome awaited the clients on the following day after the conference.

Do you feel the emotions that these photos convey? They were a hundred times stronger for those who were present there. Attend the company's next event and get a powerful charge of motivation and happiness!

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Published: 07.11.2016
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