A new Global InterGold news portal has been launched!
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A new Global InterGold news portal has been launched!
Global InterGold

Dear clients,


We understand the importance of topical and reliable information in our dynamic world. Therefore, we aim at supplying the Online Gold Shop clients with the most relevant news about the gold market and the events and conferences celebrated by Global InterGold worldwide.

We wish to provide you news and articles in the most convenient format. On this new website you will be able to follow the main events celebrated for the Global InterGold clients.

In our news portal you will find:

  • Information about gold prices: fluctuations and drivers.

  • Gold market news

  • Reports about Global InterGold events.

  • Photos and videos.

  • Information about novelties in promotional business tools and marketing program.

  • Development plans and business ideas


Follow the main events of the global gold market and the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop!

Follow the updates on the website and share this good news with the whole world!


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Published: 16.09.2015
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