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Leader of Global InterGold Vitaliy Borovyk talks about how you can get on board the First Presidential Cruise.


Vitaliy Borovyk sent the program "BECOMING THE GOLD LEGEND OF THE FIRST PRESIDENTIAL CRUISE" to Global InterGold that he has prepared for his clients. The program was created by the company's leader and the recipient of the "Great Heart" award, which is presented for providing aid and support to other people.

I got acquainted with the content of the program's text in which V. Borovyk shares his experience and tells how to get on board the First Presidential Cruise. In my opinion, this message deserves attention, because every client of Global InterGold can apply the experience of V. Borovyk in their work. I suggest you learn how to win in the competition.

George Fuzesi, Director of Development at Global InterGold

P.S. Global InterGold cannot be considered as a source of information provided below.

Ownership of copyright "BECOMING THE GOLD LEGEND OF THE FIRST PRESIDENTIAL CRUISE!" belongs to V. Borovyk.



Global InterGold is one of the largest and most prestigious companies on the international market. Our clients and partners build a reliable and profitable business, the goal of which is financial security, independence and growing long-term income.

In the company, we think for many years ahead, we plan and create a solid foundation for achieving our goals and the well-being of our families, relatives and business partners. Global InterGold offers more than just money, even more than just gold.

Global InterGold is a totally new level of quality of life! We develop, we learn new ideas, meet people, travel and create a new world, create names and build reputations of professional and successful entrepreneurs. In this industry - our reputation and relationships that we can build with other people are main assets that produce a stable income. This is our price in the business market.

It becomes clear that in order to start a business that will bring millions, you must first create a reputation and strengthen the connections with the person who can make millions! I will tell you the secret: the fastest way to achieve this goal is to win the Presidential Cruise 2018!

Presidential cruise - is not just a beautiful and luxurious journey to amazing European countries. Cruise is a tool that will boost your business and will make you world-famous!

Most of the TOP leaders and successful partners recognize that after winning the cruise competition, they entered a whole different level of business and income! Notably after the trip they can say that the cruise changed everything: they saw a new picture of the world, received tools, built new teams and got new motivation for existing ones, as well as increased revenues.

Most importantly, they became Gold Legends!

It does not matter who you are now, an experienced leader or a beginner. It does not matter if you have teams with thousands of partners or you just registered yesterday.

Participation and victory in the cruise competition will change your life forever!

I will tell you about my experience that I got from participating in three cruises of the company:

Summer Voyage 2016 (Spain, France and Italy)

Winter Leaders Cruise 2017 (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand)

Summer Voyage 2017 (Spain, France, Italy and Malta.)

I will give you all the knowledge, you will be able to get tips and strategies from the international top leaders and partners of our team who have been on leadership trips!

The First Presidential Cruise is a great start to achieve your personal and professional goals in the gold business! Global InterGold gives each client the opportunity to move forward and achieve financial security.

You will be among them!


But what this cruise all about? You know, before winning my first cruise in the summer of 2016, I thought that cruises are boring holidays for people who have a lot of time, since they have long been retired. I decided to participate in competitions only because my sponsors and leaders talked me about how greatly this will help me in business and even change my life. I was absolutely not motivated by this trip, but I wanted to get all those business tools that would help increase my income. Imagine how surprised I became after half an hour on the ship! It was something completely different, not what I imagined at all! Moreover, I was so excited that I could not fall asleep on the first night! After spending 7 fantastic days on the cruise, I said to myself: every 6 months I want to be here, and I'm ready to do whatever it takes! Since that moment I have not missed a single cruise of the company, and it completely changed the level of my business for many years to come

So what do we get from winning?

1. Flight tickets.

The company covers airplane tickets to Barcelona and back!

2. Seven-day luxury trip on the best cruise liner in the world.

This ship is like an entire floating city, with dozens of restaurants, bars, shopping centers, swimming pools, theaters and attractions!

3. A splendid cabin with an ocean-view balcony!

4. Entertaining excursions.

In 7 days we will visit 5 cities in four beautiful countries of the Mediterranean Sea! You will see Spain, France, Italy, wonderful Malta. This will be unforgettable memories!

5. Business seminars and training from the company and top leaders, the winners of the cruise.

6. Communication.

You will get acquainted with the top-30 most successful clients of the company from 5 different continents, share experiences and learn business strategies that have helped other clients become successful in their countries!

7. Knowledge and wisdom from the company's top officials.

You will get acquainted and speak with the company's management and marketing team, take part in negotiations and strategic business planning, and also discuss the development of your region with the President of Global InterGold!

8. Image promotion.

A professional team of PR-managers, operators and photographers will work on the ship! They will help you create your business image, give marketing and promotion advice, you will have the opportunity to record training and motivating videos for your team members. Photo and video will be promoted across all the information web resources of the company: Facebook, YouTube, WebShop! You will be recognized all over the world!

Here are a few videos from our joint cruises! I advise you to revise them every week throughout the competition. In this way, you can visualize yourself being already on the ship, it will bring you closer to victory!

Learn the rules here.


Great, you already want to join the cruise!

You understand what you must achieve in order to win!

Now is the time to prepare a plan and start working!

1. Set yourself a specific goal: to win in the First Presidential Cruise! Write it down on paper, find all the advantages that this victory will give you! Tell about your goal to your team members, your upline, friends on social networks. You can record a video, announcing your intention, and telling why you decided to participate.

Promise to do everything to win!

2. Check your cruise points in the back office, look at your position in the cruise rating of your region or the scores of those people who are already in the TOP-10. The data is needed in order to follow the work plan.

3. Look at what programs you have already opened in the GoldSet tables, how many tokens you have in the Fractal board.

Count how many points will be generated by new customers in your programs. Of course, the more products you have, the more chances of winning!

The combination of GoldSet and Fractal program will give you a lot more points! If you do not have one already, I recommend that you take a closer look and discover the most promising products.

For example, if you have an order placed only in the GoldSet Global Smart table and only A-Board in Fractal, think about opening an order in the GoldSet Global Pro table and additional tokens in the higher-ranking Fractal boards. In this case, new clients will bring you much more points. Discuss the best option with a sponsor or TOP leader.

4. Assess your team members. Open your structure and make a list of all people in the first 4 lines. Write out what products they have, in which countries they work, their contacts.

If you do not know everyone or have not spoken for a long time, now it's time to renew contacts or get acquainted. Call them, find out how they are doing, report the latest news of  the company, tell them about the cruise. Tell them that there is a good opportunity to take part in the cruise, send them this message. Explain that they have every chance to win and increase their income. Make a plan together, review the programs. Find out what else is possible to start earning more. If the client is not yet in Fractal, be sure to explain all the advantages and opportunities for growth! Make this step with the first 4 lines!

5. So, first you check your current team, prepare the plan and aim at maximum results. This will give you more points and, of course, more profit for you and your clients!

If you do not have a team yet, or if it is not very active, do not worry!

Competition is the time to build new business structures!

(To participate in the competitions, I built a few new first lines and I believe it was the most important and profitable part of the cruise.) Created structures work and bring income to this day!)

6. Build new teams and first lines! New partners coming every month - this is the difference between additional income and a serious business that generates huge money!


The combination of work of your existing team and the new partners you got during the contest secure your leading position in the ranking!

By building new business structures, you will earn even more points and money! And win the cruise! Do not think that you need to find 100 new partners within the next 3 months ... All you have to do is make up a strategy, use tools and build teamwork!

You need to work correctly! During the last three cruises I used the following FORMULA, which enabled me to win 3 times in a row!

1. 3-5 new partners in your first line – are your direct clients. They can start in the GoldSet program, in the Fractal, or ideally in both programs at the same time. You need to acquire direct clients as quickly as possible, so you will have more time to build their structures and earn more points.

I recommend finding 3-5 newbies in the first 2-6 weeks. It's easy to achieve, using all the business tools: your sponsor, teamwork, webinars, video, promotion in social media. Motivate your potential clients to start now, they too can take part in the cruise and win, go on a trip with you!

2. Repeat the formula, use the same procedure with your new clients, work and help them build their teams applying the same principle: 3-5 new clients.

3. Work this strategy in all 4 lines.

4. You must work with all clients up until the 4th line or with their leaders personally, so you can control the proper operation and development of the structure that will bring you victory!


Let’s say, you have 4 new direct clients in your 1st line, they repeated the same formula.

(I speak of duplication, as you already know, business-structure never grows perfectly balanced, it always grows in the following progression.)

In your second line you will have 12-20 clients, in your third line – 40-60 and in your forth line – nearly 100. In total 100-150 clients on average, if we talk about GoldSet Goldline it will bring you 60 000 points!!! If all clients work in GoldSet Global Pro – 30 000 – 40 000 points!

This is already the results that can bring you victory!

But you still have an existing team that either works or can start working, additionally, many of these clients will promote more than one product. Many will develop Fractal and other tables, and this will bring you even more points!

This formula guarantees you to win, even if your current team is active, build new lines! Secure your position in the ranking and earn a lot more money!


1. Don’t think that the competition for the cruise can be won only by TOP leaders or experienced people with large teams. For example, during the last Summer Cruise, I was the only Grand Leader with our Global Leader Ostap Pechenyi, and 70% of the winners were totally new people! Every client can win, beginners even have more chances, since they are just starting out. In any case, they are building new structures, and they have more time than leaders, since they do not need to work with existing teams!

2. No one knows who will win until the competition ends. Don't think that if you see people being on TOP of the ranking for a few weeks in the row that they will certainly win.

Don’t think that you don’t stand a chance of winning even if you currently have 0 points. I saw how the rankings changed 20 times per period of the competition, and people who originally were at the bottom of the ranking, got in the top very quickly!

3. If you are leading in the regional lists, then it's a sign that you are doing everything right, but you need to work harder every week!

Don’t relax until the end of the competition, the last few weeks are the most intensive!

4. Communicate with your team and leaders, talk about the cruise and plan your work every single day.

Congratulate partners of your team for their results!

5. Work in a team, motivate at least several people in your structure to work seriously towards winning! In that way, you’ll get support and become more responsible for one another.

6. Believe that you are going to win!

I’ll repeat again, most winners – are always new clients.

You have all the chances, even more than the others have, since you clearly understand what to do. You have a very powerful tool - a step-by-step strategic plan!

7. Watch video and photos from cruise trips, communicate with last-year’s winners, ask for advice that helped them to get qualified!

Make a vision board, place pictures of the cruise on it, including pictures of countries and cities that you have visited! Set motivating cruise wallpapers on your smart-phone or laptop!

Think of the victory daily, you should see yourself getting there!

And you will certainly make it!

I wish you success!


Vitaliy Borovyk



1. Study all the information, rules and conditions.

Watch videos and photos from the cruise.

2. Set yourself a goal TO WIN and write it down.

3. Analyze your current team and establish a proper contact.

4. Send this message to your clients and plan your cruise work accordingly.

5. Activate Fractal or other required programs for you and your clients to earn more money and increase your chances of winning.

6. Build new structures.

7. Actively support and work with the team in all 4 lines.

8. Don’t relax till the last moment.

9. Think and work, knowing that you’re most certainly going to win!

You know everything you need to win the First Presidential Cruise!

You know when, how and what to do to get on this unforgettable journey along with the management of the company and its TOP Leaders!

Now it’s time to work!

Believe me, participation and victory in these competitions will scale your business and your income up to a completely new level!

This has already happened to me and dozens of successful clients, who became captains of the industry and golden legends of our company.


My friends, see you on the cruise, - cocktail drinks on me!

V. Borovyk


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Published: 21.03.2018
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Vitaliy  Borovyk
Vitaliy Borovyk
I’ll be happy to see you on the cruise! This strategy works, it worked for me for winning the last 3 cruises, it will work for you too! Start now! I wish you all success!
Mar 22
Julia Fedevych
Julia Fedevych
Thank you, Grand Leader, for your precious information and sharing your experience with us! I believe your advice and tips will help us to win this cruise and became a part of the tremendous voyage! I am very excited about it! =)
Mar 24
Julia Fedevych
Julia Fedevych
Thank you, Grand Leader, for your precious information and sharing your experience with us! I believe your advice and tips will help us to win this cruise and became a part of the tremendous voyage! I am very excited about it! =)
Mar 24
Linie Crawford
Linie Crawford
Wowwwww! Thanks for this Vitaliy!!! I am definitely taking this advice very seriously, word per word! I have to be on that boat. No matter what! It is very kind for you to share this wonderful tip. Forge ahead tooot tooot! All aboard!!!
Mar 25
This piece is an amazing one. It's so explanatory and I'm super charged to win the cruise. Thank you so much for putting this together Grand leader Vitaliy. I'm definitely going to run with this! Excited!!!!!!!!!
Mar 25