A special status of the Honored Guest
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A special status of the Honored Guest
Global InterGold


The Honored Guest is a prestigious title that everyone can get. Today, every client and partner of the company has a unique chance to go on a trip to Munich for the main event of Global InterGold free of charge!


What advantages does the Honored Guest status of the Global Convention 2018 offer?


Prestige — an exclusive right to demonstrate your achievements to your environment

Free flight tickets to the Global Convention 2018 in Munich and back

Accommodation in a beautiful hotel The Westin Grand Munich at the company's expense

A special diploma "The Honored Guest of the GLOBAL CONVENTION 2018" with a personal signature and a thank-you note from the President

Special conditions — fast registration, VIP status, VIP seating in the conference hall

The title of the Honored Guest of the Global Convention 2018 and all the privileges associated with this high status will be given to 100 people — our company's clients. You can join them!

Unforgettable emotions, a unique program of the conference, and you — at the center of it all!

Become the Honored Guest at the main event of the year of Global InterGold!


See for yourself how the atmosphere of Global Convention charges people up!



How to become the honored guest?


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Published: 24.08.2018
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