Advanced Tips: How to invite people if you have no experience?
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Advanced Tips: How to invite people if you have no experience?
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Having trouble inviting people to start a business with you? Don't worry, you're not alone! Everyone can become a professional in building up a strong team.

Read these tips and fire up the engine of your business!

The truth is: everyone wants to do business with successful people. Even yourself! If you had to choose to work with a beginner or a professional, who would you choose?

But then, how can brand-new customers without experience invite other people to the business?

Confidence is Everything:

Act successful to become successful: dress like you earn 10,000 EUR per month, and you will. Talk like you are wearing a Rolex Gold Watch, and you will. Take pride in what you do, and people will want to work by your side.

From Zero to Hero:

Learn everything about the product you are recommending: What is gold? Why is it profitable? How can you use it to earn money?

Study the details of the business and the company too: What options are available in the back- office? What prizes and awards can you get? And so on.

High-Class Tools:

You have a wide variety of business tools at your disposal: booklets, PowerPoint and PDF presentations, websites, etc. GIG-branded materials will add a professional touch to your business presentations. Moreover, if you live in Mexico or are planning to visit the country, you can request an appointment to our representative office to make your business presentations.

Whatever happens, take responsibility

You have to guarantee your prospects that you will work hard and help them at any time to compensate for your lack of experience. Until you get more experience and training, you can always rely on your sponsor – let your prospects know that too.

Apply these tips from the very first day and you will see your team grow!

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Published: 30.03.2017
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Reyna Maria
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Matteo Galleri
Matteo Galleri
Grandi Consigli che fanno la differenza! Grazie Global InterGold
May 15