7 new Global InterGold-branded materials for your business!
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7 new Global InterGold-branded materials for your business!
Global InterGold


The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop design team has prepared a new series of high quality promotional materials. You can know download them from the “For Advertising” section in your back office.

Use these materials to improve your presentations, conferences and personal meetings!

Now there are 7 types of branded promotional materials at your disposal:

1. Brand books

2. Brand catalogues

3. Calendars

4. Brand walls and roll ups

5. Business cards

6. Wallpapers for mobile applications

7. Grand Summer Voyage/Grand Winter Voyage booklets

Use roll ups at your events and take photos with the company logo; distribute brand catalogues among your team so that they always have the most important information at hand; mark the main events in your branded calendar and give your business cards to your business contacts.

Download and print out these materials and develop your business with the most professional image



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Published: 08.02.2016
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