All you need to know about the Global InterGold conference in Moscow
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All you need to know about the Global InterGold conference in Moscow
Global InterGold

The golden-domed capital of Russia recently hosted a Global InterGold business conference dedicated to earning opportunities with gold.

Let's find out how it was!

This company’s event in Moscow gathered gold businessmen from all over Russia and neighboring countries. Being all different in terms of age, professions and background, they are united by one desire: to develop their own profitable business and share this opportunity with others.

The conference was organized and conducted by the famous Global InterGold leaders Oleg Ulyanov and Mark Martsinkovsky.

Within the scope of inspirational speeches, clients shared their experiences, secrets of earnings, successful strategies and useful advice.

All the attendees – both beginners and experienced business people – were delighted with the gained knowledge about gold and the business.

See for yourself!

And the most exciting and large-scale event of the year is still ahead: the Global Convention 2017.

It will be held in Munich on November 3-4 and you seriously can’t miss it!

Find out why!

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Published: 19.07.2017
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