All you have to know about GoldSet: Global InterGold’s marketing program
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All you have to know about GoldSet: Global InterGold’s marketing program
Global InterGold


The GoldSet marketing program allows people from the 5 continents to buy gold profitably and earn with one of the most rewarding assets of our time.

We will explain simply and clearly how to take advantage of the program and how to earn with Global InterGold! 


GoldSet is a loyalty program with elements of network marketing. We have developed it so that people around the world can build personal gold reserves and achieve financial stability.

The name of the program conveys its essence: GoldSet is a "Set of Gold".

The program offers a choice of 5 options for ordering gold sets, each with its own characteristics. That is why, it is important for clients to understand what goals they pursue when placing a certain order.


If you have registered in the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop and want to earn with the program, then at the stage of choosing the order you should answer the following questions:

  • Do I want to start a business with minimal investment?

  • Do I want to receive income as quickly as possible?

  • Do I want to receive income in parts or I want it all at once?

  • Will I rely mainly on my own strength in business, or do I want to become a strong leader and motivate my team?

Depending on the answers, you select the type of order and you get to the corresponding table:

Types of orders and their features

* In the GoldSet Standard, Goldline and Global Pro orders, the total amount of reward is 7,000 for which you need to go through two tables.

** In GoldSet Global Pro and Global Smart orders, you can work on your own table together with your entire team. The results and income will depend on your goals, desires and efforts.

All 5 orders can be placed simultaneously to receive income from all tables.


We take care of your safety and comply with all the rules of consumer protection. The business with Global InterGold is legal and risk-free.

All the gold bars we provide in the Online Gold Shop always bear a certificate of quality confirming their authenticity and value. Investment gold is supplied to us only by LBMA-certified producers of international level (London Bullion Market Association).

We guarantee that you will always be able to sell the purchased gold back to the Online Gold Shop at any time. And when placing your first order, you will be able to cancel it within 14 days and get money back, no questions asked.

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Published: 18.08.2017
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Geoffrey Akueche
Geoffrey Akueche
This is so awesome
Sep 06
Отличный пост!
May 04
Evgeniy Kravtsov id 470977026
Evgeniy Kravtsov id 470977026
Прекрасная статья, побольше бы таких подробностей на простом языке.
Feb 12