[ANNOUNCEMENT] The International conference “Global Convention 2016” will take place in Rome!
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[ANNOUNCEMENT] The International conference “Global Convention 2016” will take place in Rome!
Global InterGold

Global Convention 2016 - International Conference

Business, Gold, Income

7th-9th October - Rome, Italy

Why Rome

Rome is a great venue for business meetings and events. This city combines the atmosphere of business with that of holidays. Running your business, making money, and enjoying life are in the same plane here.

Rome’s luxurious conference halls are perfect for large-scale business events, and the breathtaking sights of the city lead to the relaxing atmosphere of the ancient culture after a hard working day.

Global Convention 2016: business, opportunities, and high stable income with gold

Global Convention is an annual Global InterGold event known for the inspiring speeches delivered by eminent businessmen, for the spectacular Awards Ceremonies, as well as for the exclusive business secrets and future plans that the company reveals. Be one of the first customers to learn about the novelties of the company and achieve new goals!

The Global Convention is the first conference becoming a tradition for the clients of the company. It also attracts new customers interested in knowing about the business and creating their own success stories with gold. This is a great start for beginners and highly motivational for those who have been developing their business with Global InterGold for a while.

Last year, this Global InterGold event was held in Munich. The conference was attended by customers from all over the world, especially Italy, Spain, Russia, and countries of Latin America.

The registration for the Convention will start soon

Mark 7th-9th October on your calendar

And stay tuned!

Global Convention 2016

  • International scale
  • Official meeting
  • Business education
  • For everyone

Have a look at last year's Global Convention in Munich!

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Published: 28.07.2016
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