Are you sure you know everything about the gold business in the Philippines?
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Are you sure you know everything about the gold business in the Philippines?

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Your interest and comfort are our top priorities. That is why the company has upgraded its services in the Philippines.

Now, Global InterGold's clients can pay for their orders using a local bank account complying with the local legislation. Read more here.

GIG’s first conference with the company’s management

During Global InterGold's conference in the City of Cebu held on February 11th-12th, the management announced the latest news about the improvement of services in the Philippines.

The news have surely strengthened the trust of Filipinos in the gold business. So now, thanks to their great potential and the effective tools they have at their disposal, clients are more than ready to boost their business growth.

The management awarded clients with gold bars and gold watches with Swarovski crystals, and one of the leaders was even awarded a 10-grams gold pendant for her loyalty and trust in the company. Have a look:

This conference marked a new phase for the business development in the Philippines. In 2017, we expect to witness a great success!

What do clients think about this event?

“Mabuhay, Philippines! There are so many people attending the conference, the very first conference in the country, in the Philippines. We have been waiting for this for a long, long time and now it has been given to us. Everything is complete now: we have registration, an administrative office, we have a bank account... all we need now is everyone! You and me will make a solid market here, in the Philippines.”

Linie Crawford, the Philippines

Mabuhay! I am here with my business partners and I am so happy and very proud of being part of this company. This is the new beginning for Filipino clients around the world!”

Alvin Caisido, the Philippines

Legality, Profit and Support

We extend our gratitude to all the clients from the Philippines for their enormous contribution to the business development and the organization of events such as this one.

Global InterGold keeps on supporting every client in every corner of the world. We believe in your strength to achieve all your goals!

The moment to run a successful business in the Philippines has come!

What are you waiting for?

Read more about Global InterGold's activities in the Philippines.

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Published: 22.02.2017
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