Guns: Threats to Financial Security

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Let's talk about how the arms race undermines financial security.

The arms race significantly undermines not only the financial security, stability and socio-economic development of entire states, but also of each person individually.

Have you ever thought about the harmful consequences of militarization of the population?


According to the statistics of the Swiss scientific publication Small Arms Survey, there are an estimated of 875 million firearms circulating in the world, 650 million of which are privately owned.

There are 270 million firearms on hands of American citizens. However, not everyone has the appropriate license. The five most liberal U.S. states for gun enthusiasts are: Texas, Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

Estimated number of civilian guns per 100 people by country:

1. USA - 101

2. Serbia - 58.2

3. Yemen - 54.8

4. Cyprus - 36.4

5. Saudi Arabia - 35

The tendency of gun costs increase leads to a tense military situation. This also indicates the financial instability of states and, as a result of it, a total financial deadlock.


In fact, countries are more likely to prepare for war than to preserve peace. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), America alone spends $ 611 billion a year on its military. This is 3 times more than China (215 billion dollars) and 10 times more than Saudi Arabia’s (63.7 billion dollars) military expenditure figures.

List of countries by military expenditures in dollars:

1. USA - 611 billion.

2. PRC - 215 billion.

3. Russia - 70.2 billion.

4. Saudi Arabia - 63.7 billion.

5. India - 55.9 billion.


The data of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) clearly shows that the number of the armed forces is growing every year, yet the level of security is still incredibly low.

List of countries by number of military personnel per 1000 people (IISS):


Excessively high military expenditures drive countries into debt pits, and armed conflicts in the Third World countries increase poverty and deplete natural resources. Therefore, now it is more important than ever for people to protect themselves and their families.

Each person tries to survive in the conflict zone. Fear and anger take control over mind, suppressing all positive emotions and feelings.

A personal insecurity, social problems, urge for self-assertion push towards an aggressive behavior. Without one’s ability to build a solid foundation, a person violates the rights of others.

People forget that the weapon is just an ostensible cover-up. Security of a human does not lie in tanks or rifles. It lies primarily within the high level of openness.

That is why a person must take care of himself and his financial security. This can be done in a group of like-minded individuals. The important thing is to have a common goal and the desire to strengthen the position in society.

If water is a vital source of life, then gold is the main factor of prosperity. In the troubled times, only this precious metal serves as the guarantee of financial security.

By having gold, a person gains the ability to resist existing and emerging threats that may cause not only moral, but also financial damage. The liquidity of the precious yellow metal is kept high at any situation, enhancing the foundation of financial security.

In the fight for peace and everyone’s financial well-being, gold is the best ammunition!


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Created: 22.03.2018
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