Baltics in business: GIG conference in Lithuania
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Baltics in business: GIG conference in Lithuania

On June 11th, 2016 a large-scale Global InterGold’s event in the framework of the Global Tour was held at the luxurious hotel complex Vilnius Grand Resort. Customers from the Baltic countries, Russia, Italy, Scandinavia and many others attended it.

The beginning was set by national dances which showed all diversity of Lithuanian regions. After that, the Director of Development, Gyorgy Fuzesi, took the floor and spoke up about the company's innovations, focusing on the GIG-branded bars and the launch of the mobile app.

Mikhail Ukvasov, experienced leader and speaker, pronounced his address after the director, explaining the rules of the leadership and marketing programs simply and easily. After that, leaders were invited on the stage to receive awards and say salutatory words.

The final chord of the event was a festive dinner where all guests could raise glasses for future success and enjoy communication in an informal atmosphere.


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Published: 03.10.2017
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