[UPDATED 24.11.2017] Brightest moments of the Global Convention 2017 Opening
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[UPDATED 24.11.2017] Brightest moments of the Global Convention 2017 Opening

Let us show you how the triumphant Global Convention first day opening ceremony was held!

Charming Miss and Mister Global InterGold Hanna Garduño and Victor Habbat were the hosts of our Munich conference. They greeted the guests, explained the event program and invited to the stage our dear Director of Development, Gyorgy Fuzesi. He announced the main event of the year officially open and introduced the team from each country one by one, and there were more than 50 of them! Our photo collection will surely surprise you!

Have you already checked out our report on the Global Convention 2017? Hurry up to learn all the secrets of Munich!

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Published: 17.11.2017
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Mark Martsinkovsky  Leaders Team
Mark Martsinkovsky Leaders Team
Feb 26
GIG_Sandra Sandor
GIG_Sandra Sandor
We create a story. ))) Together with you, we will start a new life!
Nov 27
Carla Rapone
Carla Rapone
Nov 22
Great luck
Great luck
Это было потрясающее мероприятие! И столько нового ещё впереди. Друзья, часто ли Вам предлагают акции развивающейся компании по номиналу? Да ещё в рассрочку? Думаю нет. Но компания Global InterGold дала нам такую возможность. Решайтесь! Одно правильное, вовремя принятое решение может обеспечить Вас на всю жизнь. Ссылка для быстрой регистрации: http://myluck.myintergold.com
Nov 18
GL Vitaliy Borovyk
GL Vitaliy Borovyk
Nov 17
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