Brikk company releases gold iPhone worth $70,000!
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Brikk company releases gold iPhone worth $70,000!
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We are now talking not just about the gold color of the body, but about a real smartphone made of gold! Do not miss it!

The American Brikk company has already earned a reputation as creators of exclusive models of popular high-grade gadgets. This time they could not pass by the recently presented to the public iPhone X.

What awaits Apple fans?

The company is preparing to launch five collections for the new Apple product. Lux iPhone X Mono will be the first of them. The rear glass panel will be sophisticatedly engraved, and the side pieces will be made of yellow and pink gold or platinum. The initial cost will be $7,400.

Four other collections – Classic, Deluxe, Omni and Ingot – will become pieces of art born from precious metals and stones with original engravings. For the most expensive model one will have to pay almost $ 70,000: this iPhone X 256 GB will be made of 250 grams of gold.

That’s it?

Not at all. The special Lux iPhone X Deluxe Collection will offer exclusive cases with hexagonal patterns in one or several rows inlaid with diamonds. Their price will range from $ 13,000 to $ 21,000.

Fans of other Apple products should also like the Lux Airpods wireless headphones made of gold with diamonds.

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Published: 27.09.2017
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