Building Financial Security and helping other people
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Building Financial Security and helping other people
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Hurry up to do good deeds!

As Christian wisdom says, you need to give more to receive more. Doing good deeds, helping your neighbors is beneficial not only to those who help you, but, above all, to you personally. The ability to distribute your finances rationally, economize and save money will help you get a certain amount that you can use for good purposes to help the needy.

Some rich people live on 70% of their total income, and the remaining 30% make donations. Other successful entrepreneurs are helping those in need, donating 10% of their earnings.

Ronald Perelman, an American investor, billionaire, owner of MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated, regularly donates large amounts of money for medical research purposes. Thanks to his financial aid, a medical drug for breast cancer treatment was developed 20 years ago.

Ted Turner is an American businessman, billionaire, founder of the CNN news channel, gives large sums of money to charities annually. In 1998, the philanthropist donated $1 billion to the UN Fund. Turner makes donations to tackle the global challenges of the world: the threat of a nuclear destruction, the growth of the world population, climate change problems.

Azim Premji — an Indian businessman, billionaire, chairman of the Wipro Limited Board of Directors, donates a part of his income to the public education system in India. Premji is confident that those who are rich must make donations to create a "better world for millions of people who are less fortunate."

Each person decides for oneself which part of his/her income he/she would like to spend on good deeds. Helping people is a sincere desire to help those who find themselves in a difficult situation. This can be an offering of help to a particular person who got into trouble, helping an orphanage or a nursing home. This may be a volunteer work at a charity, where you help people with your gratuitous work. There are many options.

The main thing is a personal desire to make this world a better place.


Why is it important to help others?

To give a part of what you have earned to good things means to follow one of the most important laws of the universe. And the laws of the universe are always true. Helping others is a path to self-improvement and wisdom that leads to prosperity. By helping others, we help ourselves. By donating a share of earned money to help other people, we launch an effective process of money exchange around us.

Today you will help someone. Tomorrow maybe someone else will help you out. Maybe you will get a bonus or make a profit that exceeds your expectations, or a career growth awaits you. The universe will be grateful to you for your generosity and responsiveness towards the people who need your help.

Who will help me?

Many believe that they cannot help others, because they themselves lack money. Often, we do not even try to understand the cause of our own failures. The lack of proper motivation and the right model of action leads to the fact that a person begins to think in terms of "how to make it till the next salary." Our thoughts are material. If we ourselves don’t want to make efforts to resolve the situation, the problem won’t go away.

If our actions are full of uncertainty, if we do not know how to properly manage our savings, this becomes one of the main symptoms of the Lack of Financial Security Virus. One does not know what will happen to him/her and his/her family tomorrow. A person is not convinced that he/she will be able to support his relatives in the future and protect their interests. Not knowing the right tools that are needed to run a successful business makes it impossible to realize plans.

We know the reasons that hold you back from achieving Financial Security, and we will help you to eliminate them. The international team of Global InterGold is ready to share with you our knowledge and experience that will help you significantly increase your income level, achieve success and well-being.


We have paved a safe way to the Financial Security.

Build a solid future together with us!


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Published: 12.09.2018
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