Burnouts: how to identify and to treat?
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Burnouts: how to identify and to treat?
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It is a real curse of modern age which is generally underestimated and regarded as a whim. How dangerous burnouts actually are? 

Imagine a marriage where the spouses are fed up with each other: everything that used to fascinate them has become annoying, there is no novelty in their relationship, and they rely more on habit than on feelings.

Imagined? This is the projection of your "affair" with work.

You can easily assess the necessity to “break up” by answering the following questions:

  • Are you so uninterested in performing your duties that you are experiencing physical pain, disgust, and despair?

  • Can nothing stimulate your interest or enthusiasm?

  • Is your main desire that everyone just leaves you alone?

  • Do you feel anger, endless fatigue, and repressed rage?

It's not just a bell that it's time to change something, but a real alarm!

The fact is that by experiencing all that for a long time, you can find yourself a step away from depression and a real burnout. This is a relevant problem for the modern world, as evidenced by scientists and doctors: if 20 years ago only 18% of people felt exhausted because of work, now this figure has reached 50%. Stress, tension, and constant fatigue are almost normal, and this is a scary tendency.

burnouts: how to identify and to treat?

If earlier there were mainly social workers in the risk group – firefighters, doctors, rescuers, policemen – now practically everyone is under attack. You say office work is a gravy train? By the way, it is "office monkeys" are among the most frequent burnout victims: they are always in the endless race for leads, customers, bosses, struggling for their place in the sun. And vacation is not the rescue!

Remember: professional burnout is not a symptom, but a real chronic disease that can threaten health and can’t be ignored.

Signs of a burnout:

  • emotional emptiness, insomnia, mental difficulties, frequent colds

  • feeling that you are an outcast cut off from the team and forever undervalued

  • it seems to you that you are simulating or falsifying success, but in fact don’t cope with your work

How to deal with it?

The best idea is, of course, a complete change of activities, a new job. If such drastic changes are unavailable for some reason, at least some steps should be taken to diversify and improve the situation. Get engaged in some kind of parallel project (for example, business with gold) or a hobby, think how to improve your workplace and make it more comfortable, and expand the circle of communication.

Still doctors believe that no one can do without healthy sleep, good nutrition, and physical activities. And don’t forget about humor and laughter!

Perhaps, some of your loved ones is going through bad times and this article will come in handy.

Share it with those who need a helping hand!  


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Published: 28.09.2017
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