Business and Ball: what awaits the guests of the Global Christmas 2016 today?
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Business and Ball: what awaits the guests of the Global Christmas 2016 today?
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This year’s conference in St. Petersburg is a harmonious combination of business talks and a holiday atmosphere. Every year many guests attend the conference.

This is a magnificent celebration! I want to give heartfelt thanks to the organizers of this feast!”

Anna A., Russia

However, the Global Christmas has some more surprises to offer!

The business conference features addresses by leaders from Russia, Italy, and Mexico as well as by the company’s management.

What do you think about the topic of one of the speakers: “Business booster”? Those who take part in the event will be the first to learn more about it and take advantage of it.

The Leaders Award Ceremony and the Global Christmas Ball Banquet & Entertainment show are also an integral part of the New Year’s Eve celebration. Enjoy the informal part of the evening to the full!

If you cannot manage to attend the Global Christmas 2016, do not miss the chance to participate in another GIG’s event.

Global InterGold aims to give everyone the opportunity to take part in the company's international conferences, learn new things, and develop the gold business worldwide.

You will have a warm welcome in any part of the globe!

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Published: 14.12.2016
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