Business with Global InterGold is picking up steam in Hong Kong!
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Business with Global InterGold is picking up steam in Hong Kong!

Our geography is constantly expanding, and the recent conference in Hong Kong confirms this fact vividly.

Read the article and find out how it was!  

Why was this conference special?

According to the organizers, the goal of the event was to charge customers with motivation, give an additional stimulus to action and awake existing clients’ spirit. Another important task for them was to share reliable and true information from the management about the company's development plans and current achievements.

The conference participants were thrilled! The gold business has reached a whole new level in the region and many clients are getting down to active work.

The most loyal clients - those who are developing their golden career - were solemnly bestowed with Leaders Awards during the conference.

Special thanks were given to leaders Linie Crawford and Vitaliy Borovyk who put great efforts to organize the event so important for Hong Kong and the whole region.

The organizers also emphasized the recently held conference in the Philippines as another key stage for the promotion of the business in Asia. Can you imagine how many events are yet to come?

With Global InterGold, you can see the world, make money and fulfill your dreams!

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Published: 14.07.2017
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