Business with Global InterGold is thriving in Europe
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Business with Global InterGold is thriving in Europe
Global InterGold


In recent weeks, GIG leaders have visited Portugal, France, Belgium and Luxembourg! 

From September 28th to October 14th, one by one, conferences and meetings of gold business people were held in Europe.

It all started at the Exponor exhibition hall in Leça da Palmeira, Portugal where the largest national exhibition of jewelry was also held: Portojoia. As part of the event, one could learn more about Global InterGold, how to become an Online Gold Shop customer, and in what countries leaders are actively expanding the business.

Right after Portugal, leaders went to Paris, France and kept working on a series of events in other European countries, having appointed three dates for the events in October.

The first in the October series was the conference in Belgium. On October 7th, in Brussels, everyone was able to ask any questions about the gold business on one of the two Global InterGold presentations. The leaders explained the guests how to promote the business, build their safe future and guarantee financial security.

Financial security

The very next day, on October 8th, our heroes went to Luxembourg. In the Seed Box business center, just like in Portugal, leaders held two sessions of the GIG business presentation. Everyone could learn how to change life for the better by earning gold. Curiously enough, the day of the event coincided with the elections day in Luxembourg.

The final conference was held in Paris on October 14th at the Hotel Le Bailli.

Leaders actively work and promote the business in European countries by arranging events and meetings. They share with people incredible opportunities that await them with Global InterGold.

The next event of special importance for GIG customers will take place on November 3-4: the Global Convention 2017 in Munich.

All tickets for the event have already been sold out. But there is no reason to be upset if you have not managed to buy a ticket: there are so many fabulous events ahead!

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Published: 20.10.2017
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Gustavo Martinez
Gustavo Martinez
Espectaculares noticias,acá en América del Sur también está creciendo a pasos agigantados y es que no hay de otra, es la mejor oportunidad del mundo, solo hay que aprovecharla. .......
Oct 25