Can you earn more than your sponsor in Global InterGold?
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Can you earn more than your sponsor in Global InterGold?
Global InterGold


Yes, you can. Let us show you how it works on the example of the GoldSet Global Pro order.

If you have placed an order in the GoldSet Global Pro table, one day, one can see such a thing:

It means that the direct referral occupies three cells of the table. He has already received remuneration for the first two, and soon will get the third one. Meanwhile, the sponsor gets a reward only for the table you can see on the picture.

How to take three positions at once in the sponsor's table and achieve the same result?

The order of the direct referral is located so due to a special option of the GoldSet Global Pro order: "Start a new table upon closing a section".

What has the direct referral done?

Step 1:

The direct referral confirms the option "Start a new table upon closing a section" when placing the order.

Step 2:

He completes his section faster than his sponsor.

Once the direct referral closes the table, the sponsor notices that one more cell in the second section of his table has been filled with the same client’s order:

Here you can see the direct referral on the first level of the table. When the first level is completed, the section transforms into a new separate table. The client will have to fill the section above him, and so his order will be secluded into another new table.

Step 3:

The client fills in the level above him and starts a new table:

Step 4:

Again, he completes his separate table faster than the sponsor.

After that, the sponsor sees that one more cell in the third section of his table has been filled with his client’s order:

The client occupies three cells in different sections of one table simultaneously. It works because the client always follows his or her sponsor.

As a result, the client get twice as much profit from the tables as the sponsor.

Do you want to take advantage of this technique?

Place a Global Pro order!


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Published: 25.09.2017
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alguien me puede explicar como se mueve la tabla pro por favor
Jan 30
Estudando a técnica e colocando em prática,com certeza irá funcionar!!!!
Jan 12
Jeronimo Ixtzih
Jeronimo Ixtzih
es exelente la opcion solo se requiere enfoque y decision muchas gracias lideres
Nov 05
Kirill Kotov
Kirill Kotov
Oct 21
It could be Great! I hope :-)
Oct 10
Diego Machin Edo
Diego Machin Edo
muy bueno
Sep 29
Sep 27
facil de lograr
Sep 26
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