[Important] Changes in the Global InterGold Leadership program from September 1st, 2016
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[Important] Changes in the Global InterGold Leadership program from September 1st, 2016

Dear Global InterGold clients,

Every day we establish our presence in new regions, gain the trust of hundreds of people, and share our rewarding business opportunity with the world. We help people worldwide to reach a high level of revenue and a better standard of living. With more determination, self-discipline, and recommendations, we will reach all our objectives.

Our leaders are our support and help. The honorary title of “leader” is given by the company for a good contribution to the business development, guidance to others, and an effective promotion of Global InterGold's business opportunities. Leaders are those who endeavor their best efforts to help as many people as possible to succeed. 

On September 1st, the Section 3.6 "Terms of Leadership remuneration" was amended in order to motivate clients to make even more direct recommendations and to stimulate the growth of leaders’ structures.  

What does it imply?

  • Orders moving in the tables of orders more rapidly due to new participants of the GoldSet marketing incentives program 
  • Faster income generation for the whole structure 
  • More experienced customers deserving their status of leader
  • More people seizing the rewarding opportunities of the Online Gold Shop 

We kindly ask you to read carefully Section 3.6 in the GoldSet program Terms and Conditions carefully. 

The Leadership program is key to receiving additional and passive income, for professional and personal growth, and for the general economic well-being of our clients.

We wish you to remain a remarkable leader and keep achieving great results with your team! 

The best of success!

Yours sincerely,

Global InterGold Online Gold Shop

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Published: 01.09.2016
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