Chronicle of Global Tour 2016 conference in Mexico (18th – 19th June)
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Chronicle of Global Tour 2016 conference in Mexico (18th – 19th June)
Global InterGold

The Expo Bancomer, located in the largest business district in Santa Fe, was the perfect place for a conference dedicated to gold business. This event was very special because of the prestigious leaders' inspiring speeches and because it was attended by nearly 400 participants. 

Day 1: Leadership with no limits

The conference started with Costas Polemitis' speech, the Vice President for Global InterGold. His welcoming address was followed by a round of applause and by a Senator of the Republic of Mexico, Marco Blasquez, who went on stage to talk about his challenging path to success. 

The prominent leaders Ostap Pechenyi, Lucero Blasquez, Lizet Valencia, and Nunzio Giancola were some of the speakers revealing the secrets of their successful development of the business and effective communication with customers. 

Other leaders from Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, and Italy delivered speeches too, and then it was Gyorgy Fuzesi's, the Director of Development for Global InterGold, turn to go onstage to close the first day of the Global Tour 2016 conference in Mexico. 

Day 2: the right motivation is essential!

Vitaly Borovik’s address devoted to the peculiarities of the business in the 21st century opened the second day. Then, Haslan Bin Zanuiddin and Antonio Miguel, leaders from Malaysia and France respectively, took their turns to inspire the conference guests with fascinating speeches on how to develop the gold business at an international level and to share their personal achievements.

Their addresses were followed by Victor Habbat's, bearer of the honorary title “Mister Global InterGold”, and the candidate to Grand Leader Octavio Corona's ones, who focused on the importance of leadership development. 

Mr Omar Villalobos, one of the best Spanish-speaking motivational orators, was the special guest of the conference and was greeted with a round of rapturous applause.

By the end of the evening, a festive lottery was drawn and the winners obtained real gold bars! 

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Published: 17.08.2016
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