Closer Look: Mexico’s Gold
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Closer Look: Mexico’s Gold
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Gold mining and gold business are booming in Mexico. Why is this type of entrepreneurship considered beneficial for the country and foreign investors?

We will tell about the real value of Mexican gold.

Gold spot

Guanajuato is the capital city of the homonymous state in the heart of Mexico known as one of the centers of the world heritage. The gold deposits discovered here in the 16th century have generated 155 tons of gold over the last four centuries.

Gold shield

The coat of arms of Guanajuato features a shield with a woman holding a shell and a cross; she is the symbol of the Holy Faith (Santa Fe). The solid stand of gold and marble which holds the shied symbolizes wealth and stability.

This shield was granted to the city of Guanajuato by the King of Spain Charles I in 1679, the year which marked the beginning of the golden age in Mexico.

Gold mining

In 2016, 3222 tons of gold were mined around the world in total. According to the ranking of the most attractive countries for investment in the mining industry, Mexico is among the top five. In terms of the amount of gold mined, Mexico ranks the 9th in the world.

TOP gold mining countries (2013-2015)

Mined gold in Mexico per year (2014-2016)

Gold producing mines and entreprises in Mexico

In 2016, 51 mining enterprises operated in Guanajuato, but new deposits are being constantly developed too, providing a thriving future to this field.

In total, Mexico has 20 large gold mines which account for one-fourth of the gold reserves of Latin America.

TOP-3 gold mines in Mexico:

1. Penasquito

2. La Herradura

3. Los Filos

Penasquito is one of the top ten world's largest gold mines with 320 tons of metal hidden in it.

Metal production is expected to increase due to the soon-to-be-improved production process: gold recovery will be boosted by 40% thanks to special treating of zinc tailings.

La Herradura is the second largest pit in Mexico operating since 1997 with gold reserves of about 165 tons. Los Filos takes pride in 272,900 ounces of gold mined in 2015. Its reserves are estimated at 210 tons.

Mexico attracts investors by creating favorable conditions for gold mining: loyal laws, tax reforms, etc.

In 2016, the new El Limon-Guajes mine was opened in Guerrero. It is aimed at producing 12 tons of gold per year; its gold reserves equal to 960 tons.

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Published: 11.07.2017
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