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Guideline XIX of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus states:

Be able to follow instructions and rules when circumstances require it.

In today's world of business, there are many required formalities, such as laws, internal rules, professional standards, work guides or control procedures. People follow the rules and laws of the countries where they live and work.

Being the main element of the social system, a human must adhere to certain norms that support the existing order of things.

It is necessary for increasing productivity and efficiency. Conscientiousness, accuracy, independence and a high motivation are crucial for the success of an employee of any company.

Compliance with the rules breeds concentration and a sense of organization.


Let us take a life example.

It often happens in business relations, that first of all, we establish a contact with another entrepreneur and then leave him/her completely unaware about our decisions.

Supposedly, a certain office needs specific services or goods. The manager of the office "A" communicates with the employee of company "B" and establishes a friendly business rapport with her. He asks her questions about goods or services, gets the necessary information and promises to call back later when he makes the decision. Later, by comparing the prices of these goods with other companies’ offers, the manager of the office "A" decides to purchase the necessary goods from another supplier. But he forgets to inform the employee of the company "B", with whom he already established good business contacts. He did not warn her that the office "A" is no longer interested in their services. To make sure of this, the employee of the company "B" has to call the manager of the office "A" herself, because the promised call never happened.

This situation demonstrates the lack of conscientiousness of the office manager "A", his disrespect for the employee of the company "B". It's not about the office "A" which decided to purchase goods from another supplier, the point is that they did not notify company "B", with which they had a preliminary agreement.

The ability to be conscientious and responsible is a valuable quality of any business person.

A conscientious person commands the respect of the surrounding people, colleagues and business partners. They speak of him as a reliable, prompt and decent worker whom you can always rely on.

Conscientiousness is the key to success that facilitates an effective development of business and an important part of the professional image of any employee.

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Be able to follow instructions and rules when circumstances require it.

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Published: 17.07.2018
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