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Guideline XXIV of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus states:

Be neat, tidy and well-organized.

Neatness includes an external tidiness of a person, orderliness in actions, careful attitude to one's own and other people's property. This is a self-organization, an accuracy in work, a strive for cleanliness and order.

Neatness helps us prove our worth in the society in a positive way. A responsible approach to the solution of tasks and a fulfillment of obligations according to the terms represent a manifestation of a person's self-organization.

Self-organization is the knowledge of what needs to be removed from one's life and environment, and the courage to do it.

Order implies the ability to keep things clean and in place, as well as in a working condition. Nobody can work productively if there are chaos and disorder present. Neatness is necessary to increase the efficiency of the work process.


Let us take a life example.

Neatness is an important personality trait, which manifests itself in an aptitude for order, diligence and self-organization, and is acquired during upbringing.

We tell an educational story on accustoming to neatness at a very early age.

An old wise man traveled a lot and came to one village. He grew fond of the place, so he stayed to live in that village. The old man loved children, he was involved in their upbringing and spent a lot of time with them. He crafted handmade toys from paper and gave them to children. However these were very fragile things that broke down quickly. Children tried to treat these toys with care, but they still got ruined somehow. The children were upset and wept. After a while, the old man gave them toys again, but even more fragile than previous ones. And these gifts suffered the same fate — they broke down very quickly in the hands of children.

Parents of those children came to the old man and said: "You are a wise and kind person and wish our children nothing but the best. Your toys are beautiful, but short-lived. Why do you make children such gifts that do not last long? Toys quickly break down, and children get very upset."

The old man answered with a smile: "It will take a number of years, and someone will give them their heart, and this is going to be a far more fragile and important gift. Maybe my toys will teach them to treat a valuable gift at least a little more carefully?".

Neatness indicates that a person respects oneself and other people. A neat person is always neat and tidy, and it pleases others. His/her actions are thought out, tasks are done thoroughly and completely.

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Published: 21.08.2018
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