Difference between MLM and Global InterGold
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Difference between MLM and Global InterGold
Global InterGold

Many people assume that Global InterGold is an MLM or a direct sales company, which is actually not true.

Today we will show you the difference and explain what GIG in fact is.

First things first: let’s define the concepts

A classic MLM-scheme is the one where the revenue is derived from distributors who sell the product or service, generating earnings on a commission basis. Direct sales companies lean on face-to-face selling of services and products which embraces multi-level marketing as a compensation plan.

Global InterGold, in turn, is an online shop where one can sell and buy physical gold and take part in its bonus program which accumulates remuneration for successful recommendations of the company and the product.

So, what are the fundamental differences?

1. Type of product

MLM products (cosmetics, vitamins, nutrition supplements, etc.) have a commercial purpose: they are to be consumed daily, so the principle is that you buy and spend.

As for the GIG product – which is physical gold – it has a saving purpose; it cannot be eaten or spent on everyday basis, but allows to build personal reserves and preserve savings.

2. Business concept

In MLM, clients become distributors and follow the idea of presenting the product or service in order to sell it. GIG’s concept is that of e-commerce: it reflects buyer-company type of relationship when clients do not turn into company’s representatives.

Instead, Global InterGold suggest choosing either a traditional purchase and sale of gold or participation in its loyal program. The latter is optional but highly rewarding: apart from buying gold, you can invite people to join the business and accumulate rewards which can be used to buy more gold in the Online Gold Shop.

3. Activity

MLM companies are mostly operating at national level since direct sales generally imply personal communication. Sometimes they also require compliance with local legal requirements, registrations and licensing, storage units, etc.

GIG is about international purchase: you buy product online from Europe, pay the bill and get the purchased gold at your disposal. Whether you order a delivery straight to your home or keep it in a certified depository, you are still a part of a world-wide business.

4. Goal

Classic linear MLM structures tend to bind distributors with obligations: for example, mandatory monthly purchases of a certain volume. No one cares how you are going to sell the obtained product, it is up to you where to keep it and how to deal with it. Just keep recruiting new people!

Global InterGold’s works differently. You neither have compulsory buying quotas, nor face the company’s indifference. You have some promising options like reward units credited for new direct referrals and awards granted for accomplishments in the business, but you are deliberate in your choice.

You can also build a career and create your own structure while building up personal gold reserves, and this formula works for more than 2 million clients around the world.

Global InterGold’s advantages compared to MLM

  • No sales
  • One-time payment and no more expenses if you decide to take part in the bonus program
  • High profitability of the product provided by ever-growing gold prices
  • Fast benefits
  • The opportunity to develop a leadership career with significant passive income

… and many more

Watch this inspiring video from our acclaimed leader to learn more:

Find all the details about the company and its benefits here.

Know your product, know your business!

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Published: 19.07.2017
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José Cruz
José Cruz
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Jan 28
Plz send me the business plan
Jun 29
Very news
Aug 17
Dr.g.srinivas goud goud
Dr.g.srinivas goud goud
Please send me the bussiness details
Sep 09
This too a multilevel marketing
Feb 11
Karis Thakur
Karis Thakur
Apr 03
sheikh mohammad aaqib
sheikh mohammad aaqib
outstanding business concept really itz on top
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