Do you find it difficult to make a living in the Philippines?
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Do you find it difficult to make a living in the Philippines?
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Are you trying to live on PHP 20,000 or even less? Let’s find out why it is impossible and how to change that!

What are the main money problems you may have in the Philippines?

The average salary in Manila is about 20,000 Philippine pesos (~ $400). If we take into account the capital's average cost of life, how bad is it to earn this or even less? Let's see:

Renting an apartment: 9,900 PHP per month (~ $200)
Utilities (electricity, internet, gas, water, waste disposal service): 4,950 PHP per month (~ $100)
Food: 5,950 PHP per month (~ $120)
Total: 20,800 PHP (~ $420)

The average salary barely covers the basic expenses. Not to mention extra expenses such as children upbringing and clothing. Other expenses such as travelling may not be even an option.

You have two choices: accept you will never buy that car and that house you love and continuously struggle to make ends meet, or radically change your financial situation.

Do you want to reach the status of a wealthy person in the Philippines?

You are considered rich in the country if:

  1. You are in the list of Top 100 richest people in the Philippines, or

  2. Your family has a montly income of 200,000 PHP or more.

Unfortunately, right now only 0.1% of the population can relate to one or both of these points. How could you belong to that 0.1%?

Do you focus on saving money or earning money? If your dream is to make more money...

Henry Si, one of the wealthiest people in the Philippines said: “You have to have a dream, whether big or small. Then plan, focus, work hard and be very determined to achieve your goals.”

Do you have dreams to fulfill? Do you already know the amount of money that you will find in your account next month? Are you ok with such an amount?

If not, start thinking about it. Think big. How about earning more than 200,000 PHP?

Do you think it is impossible? Wrong. Thousands of Filipinos are earning this and more every month. How? They forgot about low-paid jobs and started running their own business. Do you want to know their secret?

Read about this earning opportunity and earn as much as you want.

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Published: 18.05.2017
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